Movies at AMC

Popcorn Bucket

Watch. Eat. Repeat.

Grab your popcorn bucket next time you visit your hometown AMC CLASSIC and you can refill it for just $4.49 +tax every time you return this year!

Flatbread Offer

Get a Slice of This

You want a piece of me? Buy any Flatbread Pizza and get a Large Fountain Drink for just $1.99 +tax!


Expand Your Love of Film

AMC independent is our commitment to advancing indie films. We’re bringing you more of what you want—a diverse line-up of films that encourage & engage. Check out showtimes and see what’s coming soon!

Bring Your Cubs

Pandas is a look into the conservation efforts of one of the Earth’s cutest and rarest animals, presented in IMAX® at AMC. Book a group showing for any school outing or celebration.

Mission: Impossible - Fallout
Mission: Impossible - Fallout

You Could Win Props from the Movie!

Enter on Facebook for your chance to win a set of “plutonium” orb props from Mission: Impossible – Fallout! Contains no actual plutonium.