Movies at AMC

Popcorn Bucket

Watch. Eat. Repeat.

Grab your popcorn bucket next time you visit your hometown AMC CLASSIC and you can refill it for just $4.49 +tax every time you return this year!

Mmm… M&M’s for $3

Make a night at the movies even sweeter. Get your choice of peanut, milk chocolate or caramel M&M’s® for just $3 when you purchase an eligible combo.

Bring Your Cubs

Pandas is a look into the conservation efforts of one of the Earth’s cutest and rarest animals, presented in IMAX® at AMC. Book a group showing for any school outing or celebration.

Expand Your Love of Film

AMC independent is our commitment to advancing indie films. We’re bringing you more of what you want—a diverse line-up of films that encourage & engage. Check out showtimes and see what’s coming soon!