Nope MFD

A Spectacle to Be Tasted

Try our mysterious blue margarita, BAD MIRACLE, or one of our other NOPE inspired cocktails when you see Jordan Peele’s thriller, NOPE, now playing. Available at MacGuffins Bar for a limited time.

Bullet Train Modelo

Just the Ticket

Make a stop at MacGuffins Bar to grab a Modelo Especial when you see BULLET TRAIN in theatres 8/5. Pull into MacGuffins bar today!

Vengeance Interview

A Dark Comedy of Vengeance

Watch our exclusive interview with writer and director B.J. Novak and actor Boyd Holbrook as they share the inspiration behind the AMC Artisan Film, VENGEANCE.

Anticipated Anime

Anticipated Anime Headed To The Big Screen

We have all the information you need to know about two anime features heading to the big screen, DRAGON BALL SUPER: SUPER HERO and INU-OH.

AMC Thrills and Chills Blog

The Best in Horror

AMC Thrills & Chills brings you the very best in horror and suspense. Check out our Staff's Picks of the best new horror movies that will terrify you in 2022.


The Perfect Chiller for a Thriller

Chilling things are happening at AMC Theatres! Upgrade your ICEE® order to a mysterious, color changing cup for an extra $3+tax and see Jordan Peele’s latest horror epic, NOPE, now playing in theatres.