Braveheart Rated R

Braveheart R PT177M
Running Time
2 hr 57 min
Mel Gibson
Catherine Mccormack, Mel Gibson, Patrick Mcgoohan
Release Date
May 24, 1995

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  • @kinz_butt

    Braveheart Movie Wallpapers

  • @sztybor_writes

    Just saw Kurzel's "Macbeth". Amazing movie but people were walking out the cinema. Please, remember, Shakespeare didn't wrote "Braveheart".

  • @raeisazahra

    Braveheart (3_9) Movie CLIP - They Will Never Take Our Freedom (1995) HD - via @DailymotionUSA

  • @CountDrewku

    My favorite guitarist is Led Zeppelin. My favorite movie character is Braveheart. My favorite TV character is Khaleesi.

  • @Thebigzeb

    Ive never had a desire to watch Braveheart,Gladiator, Hungry Games,etc...that concussion movie ranks right behind them on my "to-watch" list

  • @hilaryaune

    My "Braveheart is not a good movie" selfies from cardio cinema...I know everyone loves it...still don't like it

  • @Dmiller365

    You don't know what that means then go watch the movie Braveheart