Braveheart Rated R

Braveheart R PT177M
Running Time
2 hr 57 min
Mel Gibson
Catherine Mccormack, Mel Gibson, Patrick Mcgoohan
Release Date
May 24, 1995

Movie Buzz

  • @nadia_omar

    Watching my favourite movie Braveheart,James Horner truly outdid himself with the music he composed.A talented individual gone to soon. RIP.

  • @gavotheawesome

    RT @sidlou_: I love the movie Braveheart

  • @Handsome_Jake_

    RT @DieselIsDumb: @Handsome_Jake_ like when the Scots and the Irish mooned the British in the movie Braveheart before getting demolished bu…

  • @sidlou_

    I love the movie Braveheart

  • @artthouashley

    Watching Braveheart good movie and James Horner did the music so why not

  • @RobMo005

    Can't believe how great a movie Braveheart is.

  • @RayAsh13

    Watching Braveheart for the first time with the fam. Dad was shocked I hadn't seen it yet and demanded a movie night. lol Oops!