Braveheart Rated R

Braveheart R PT177M
Running Time
2 hr 57 min
Mel Gibson
Catherine Mccormack, Mel Gibson, Patrick Mcgoohan
Release Date
May 24, 1995

Movie Buzz

  • @JHank243

    Which was a better directed movie? The Big Lebowski or Braveheart?

  • @ReaderGalore

    After inviting moi to go see the movie Braveheart w/ out of putting his arm around moi.....I'm like great I just adopted a 12 yr old LoL

  • @dullardcostner

    I just had a weird dream that the Krankies and Andy Goram were in a lesser political Braveheart movie.

  • @Eman_Rajab

    #Braveheart all the time favorite movie!

  • @Zeinahyari

    Braveheart will always be a good movie.

  • @_padonou

    Braveheart. Still such a great movie

  • @JHank243

    Which movie is better? 2001: A Space Odyssey or Braveheart?