Devil Rated PG13

Devil PG13 PT80M


A group of people are trapped in an elevator, and one of them is the devil. (temp)

Running Time
1 hr 20 min
Release Date
September 17, 2010

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  • @Stylecafealamod

    RT @FashionweekNYC: Happy 9th Birthday to an amazing Fashion movie, The Devil Wears Prada!

  • @youwannabebre

    The Devil's Rejects is a sick movie. Idk why I started watching this. 😐

  • @MerylStreepFan7

    L #MerylStreep #Film The Devil Wears Prada Full Screen Edition #DVD, PG-13, Meryl Streep, Ann… #Collectibles #Movie

  • @neilmroco

    Just watched #Turbo a #PowerRangers Movie...that was a dark movie, the villan kidnaps the wizard's wife and kid to awaken the devil

  • @joybells49

    Quote 4 D-Day: The Devil does not care about our fancy sayings, fun days, quilting classes and movie nights: he fears only Jesus Christ!

  • @santamariatanc5

    1950 "The Devil's Weed" Vintage Marihuana Movie Poster - 20x28

  • @MusicProSource OTIS DRIFTWOOD bill moseley The Devil's Rejects POSTER ART, movie, artist signed