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The story is based on the final confession of Adolf Eichmann, who was known as an architect of Hitler's 'final solution' during World War II. Captured by intelligence operatives in Argentina 15 years later, Eichmann recounts events from his past to a young Israeli police officer, Captain Avner Less, who is faced with the monumental task of tricking the consummate manipulator into self incrimination. As the world waits and Avner's fellow countrymen call for immediate execution, the two men must confront each other in a battle of wills - the result of which will change a nation forever.

Release Date
October 29, 2010

Movie Buzz

  • @larksnestartist

    wfarrell not funny at his best 2 ridicule Alzheimers in new movie. Will his next "comedy" role B adolph eichmann at a DEATH CAMP?

  • @action81

    So it turns out wingman auto corrects to Eichmann. That must make Top Gun a very different movie with subtitles.