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Through an intimate and artistic lens, MILK brings a universal perspective on the politics, commercialization and controversies surrounding birth and infant feeding over the canvas of stunningly beautiful visuals and poignant voices from around the globe. Inspiring, informative, provocative and sensitive, MILK celebrates bringing a new life into this world with a strong call to action and reflection.

Noemi Weis
Release Date
June 8, 2015

Movie Buzz

  • @SulitiLord

    Egg whites with veggies, coffee with soya milk & Blood C movie❤️ have a great weekend everyone ❤️

  • @nikkimurphy_

    I just remembered that movie about a milk factory with Aly and AJ

  • @katealeshire21

    Mexican food, go carts, catfishin, milk & cookies and a movie to end this date night. Needless to say my surprise date was perfect 💕

  • @Pokayla_98

    Cookies, milk, and a movie for this Friday night with the little brother. 😊

  • @Bahku

    Movie Line Trivia Time! (No googling - it's an EASY one) "Nice doggy, cute little pooch ... maybe I got a milk bone!" ;-)

  • @brittany_every

    Or maybe I'll dunk some of these cookies in milk and watch a lovey dovey movie by myself.

  • @whitneyy_west

    It's a milk, cookies, and movie kinda night in the Dillard house 🍪