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The legend, the myth. Forever yearning for adventure. Rango has learned to play many roles. But when trouble comes, this lizard has a way of surprising everyone with his audacity, including himself.

Running Time
1 hr 47 min
Release Date
March 4, 2011

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  • @leshiaaimee

    Watching this and Rango so close together was a bad idea, they are the same exact movie.

  • @Nacho_Esqueleto

    Rango is actually a funny movie

  • @melinazaca

    I got: R Name: Rixon Book: idk Movie:Rango :D Song: Right now Fictional character: ---- RT FOR A LETTER

  • @alexasprincesa

    Letter: R Actor/Actress: Robert Pattinson (LOL) Singer: Rita Ora Song: RIP Movie: Rango RT for a letter

  • @aysunnhtkbk

    #rango #movie #time

  • @TalkTalk_UK

    Last chance to watch family movies including Simpsons Movie, Rango, Ice Age and Madagascar for just £1.50 on TalkTalk Box Office

  • @His_Weirdness

    RT @nifemisinzu: Lion King “@His_Weirdness: I still think the best animated movie I've seen is Rango.”