Shrek Rated PG

Shrek PG PT88M


Once upon a time, in a far away swamp, there lived an ornery ogre named Shrek whose precious solitude is suddenly shattered by an invasion of annoying fairy tale characters

Running Time
1 hr 28 min
Andrew Adamson, Vicky Jenson
Cameron Diaz, Eddie Murphy, John Lithgow, Mike Myers
Release Date
May 16, 2001

Movie Buzz

  • @topPrincessbtch

    Terminator: Salvation is on. That's a good movie. *watches Shrek instead*

  • @lillyydavis

    RT @jazmynenix: If anyone has the movie shrek can you pls bring it to me

  • @grungedads

    1. Any goose bumps movie really 2. Skittles 3.shrek 4.spooky 5.👻 6. @ myself 7.first frog

  • @oyolalexie

    Shrek is actually a good movie

  • @mikeyhaggard

    Ignoring all the internet memes, Shrek is definitely the best animated movie franchise.

  • @SkylarNoMercy

    I feel like rewatching Anastasia, Hercules and Shrek 2. Grew up loving those movie's a lot.

  • @Theory14Henry

    Ozil just sent Rooney back to the movie #Shrek 😂