Zombieland Rated R

Zombieland https://cdn.amctheatres.com/m/Posters/068156H1.jpg R https://cdn.amctheatres.com/m/Trailers/68156_med.mp4 PT88M


After America is ravaged by a zombie plague, a lone band of survivors fights the living dead while they cross the nation from coast to coast. They stop in an amusement park, where they believe they will be safe.

Running Time
1 hr 28 min
Release Date
October 2, 2009

Movie Buzz

  • @ashlynn143

    I've watched Zombieland sooooo many time I know this movie word by word

  • @rejectedmashton

    ok but why is Zombieland the best zombie movie

  • @minervaparamo

    Zombieland is a good movie.

  • @TJschuh383

    I have come to realize that zombieland is an hour movie and it's about in the middle of it ?

  • @SonyPIX

    RT @sweta_mondal: @SonyPIX Thanx for appreciation. Coz I m a True Movie Lover & will do always Like you guys :) #Zombieland prepare for any…

  • @RamiresNews

    Zombieland.=Full #.Movie' - YouTube http://t.co/Mrzn54dtiv

  • @DeeYouAreAyeIn

    I just wanna go home and watch zombieland or any other horror movie with a woman while cuddling and kissing her unmentionables