AMC Exclusive

One Holiday. Two Times the Dads.

This Christmas, Dad and Stepdad join forces for the children, but their partnership is put to the test after their fathers arrive. Hear from director Sean Anders and the cast about the new characters.

AMC Exclusive

You’ll Be Laughing All the Way

'Tis the season for family-friendly films, and DADDY’S HOME 2 is a fun ride for both parents and kids. The stars share why this could-be Christmas classic is a wonderful experience for the holiday.

Dadvice for the Holiday Season

Don’t strive for the perfect holiday. Be happy everyone is together. Enjoy the time with your family. This is just some of the Dadvice offered to those celebrating the season. Watch to hear more.

AMC Exclusive

On Set With the Comedy Stars

Go behind the scenes of DADDY’S HOME 2 in this exclusive clip. The cast discusses improvising the script and creating the “most ridiculous” moment of the film. Watch now for a sneak peek.

Father Knows Best

Who gives better Dadvice: Dusty or Brad? They both have their own strengths — and weaknesses. The cast weighs in on who they’d listen to and why in this exclusive clip. Watch now.