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Clooney and Coen Brothers Reunite

Go behind the scenes of SUBURBICON with director and co-writer George Clooney. He discusses working with the Coen Brothers — for the fifth time — to bring his creative vision to life. Watch now.

AMC Exclusive

Remaining in the Director’s Chair

His first time solely wearing the director’s hat, Clooney explains why he’s content behind the lens; Damon shares the benefits of working with an actor-director — before taking a jab at his friend.

Newcomer Shines in Every Scene

Nine-year-old newcomer Noah Jupe stars as Nicky, the son of Gardner Lodge (Damon). Though some of his scenes were dark and heavy, he got them all in one take. Hear why Clooney calls him “a genius.”

AMC Exclusive

Stunning Endorsement From the Stars

The “great, wonderful” Julianne Moore and the “marvelous” Matt Damon want you to see SUBURBICON Oct. 27 at your nearest AMC. You’ll be wildly entertained by the film and this clip from the stars.