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100 Years Of Disney Magic Captured In Wish

November 17th, 2023100 Years Of Disney Magic Captured In Wish

Get Tickets WISH opens on November 22

The “Wishing Star” has been an aspect of countless animated Disney movies over the course of the past century, and the magical element will be front and center of the studio’s upcoming feature film, WISH. With the release of the latest offering from the studio behind such classics as SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS, CINDERELLA, and THE LITTLE MERMAID not all that far off, we can’t help but overly excited about its story, characters, and place in the Disney canon.

Ahead of the film’s release, where it will be playing at AMC Theatres nationwide, the studio offered members of the press an opportunity to hear more about WISH in addition to taking part in a splendid celebration of the first 100 years of Disney magic. Here’s how WISH captures that magic and a few details about what took place during the event. Spoiler alert: it involves the actual office of Walt Disney himself…

Wishing Upon A Star

When Disney’s WISH opens on the big screen this Thanksgiving, it will bring with it a magical, enchanting, and inspiring story about a princess named Asha (Ariana DeBose) who makes a plea to the heavens above for help and guidance after she can’t shake the feeling that King Magnifico (Chris Pine), the formidable ruler of the Kingdom of Rosas, isn’t as benevolent as everyone makes him out to be.

Together with the adorable little ball of energy known as Star, Asha will stop at nothing to bring peace and happiness to her kingdom and bring light to the darkness that has overtaken it. The young princess will surely learn something about herself and magic along the path of her heroine’s journey…

A Powerful Disney Message

One thing that movies like FROZEN, THE LION KING, and THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG all have in common, besides an unmatched level of detail in the animation, is that they all have powerful messages at the center of their respective stories. And it appears it won’t be any different when WISH comes along. In a video interview with AMC Theatres, Ariana DeBose said “there’s nothing more powerful than a true wish that lives in someone’s heart,” one of the core tenets of the Disney experience.

The Academy Award® winner, as well as other members of the cast and crew, had other great things to say about the upcoming movie, its powerful Disney message, and the top-of-the-line animation that is present throughout.

Entering Walt Disney’s Office

Prior to the theatrical rollout of WISH, members of the press were invited to a special event at Walt Disney Studios Animation in Burbank, California, where, between interviews with members of the cast and crew, they were invited to take part in a handful of outstanding and magical experiences like a special tour of Walt Disney’s office.

Brought back to its former glory, everything in the studio’s founder’s personal office looked as it did when he spent countless hours crafting some of cinema’s most grand experiences decades earlier. The books on the shelves and specific figures on his desk were as they were when the creative genius was still alive.

But that was the only magic guests were able to take part in during this special event…

Creating Wish’s Star

Those in attendance at the pre-release WISH press event were also afforded the opportunity to learn how to draw one of the movie’s main characters with in-person instruction by the film’s head of animation who worked on the new Disney movie. Armed with pencils, sketch paper, and guidance from those who helped make the character a reality, those in attendance drew Star, the absurdly cute and magical being that has been at the forefront of the film’s marketing. And though it’s early, we may have a new iconic Disney mascot on our hands with this adorable creature.

Members of the press also had the opportunity to enter the ADR booth and record audio for one of the scenes in the new movie.

There isn’t all that much time to wait before all of us get the chance to see what happens when someone with a heart of gold wishes upon a star. If you are a fan of Disney movies, or inspirational animated films in general, we recommend you go ahead and purchase tickets to see WISH at your local AMC Theatres location.

Get Tickets WISH opens on November 22

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