3 Can’t-Miss Chinese Titles

September 27th, 20173 Can’t-Miss Chinese Titles

This weekend, AMC is bringing three compelling Chinese titles to a theatre near you. Whether you're in the mood to laugh, cry or sit on the edge of your seat, we have you covered with YOUTH, a drama; CHASING THE DRAGON, an action and suspense film; and NEVER SAY DIE, a body-exchange comedy. Read more about each movie below and get tickets to their premieres this Friday, September 29.


The coming-of-age drama YOUTH follows the intersecting lives of members of a military arts troupe, starting during the Cultural Revolution, to the Sino-Vietnam border wars and into their adulthoods. Every growing pain — bullying, loneliness, longing — is chronicled through a historical lens, its center fixated on new recruit He Xiaoping (Miao Miao).

Xiaoping joined the troupe to escape her family's ridicule, but from the moment she arrives, she is treated as a joke by the collective — everyone except Liu Feng (Huang Xuan). Feng, a lead dancer, is admired by all of his peers, until one mistake costs him his place in their small, isolated world.

Once Feng's sent away, Xiaoping loses her spirit and is reassigned as a field medic, where she experiences the horrors of war firsthand.

The film is based on the novel "Fang Hua" by Geling Yan, one of the most acclaimed contemporary novelists and screenwriters writing in the Chinese language today. Yan served with the People's Liberation Army during the Cultural Revolution, starting at age 12 as a dancer in an entertainment troupe.

Her real-life inspiration, with direction from "China's Spielberg," Feng Xiaogang, create a painful, yet hopeful story of love and loss.

Chasing the Dragon

"Life or death. Poverty or riches. It's all destined" — and you are destined to see CHASING THE DRAGON this weekend at AMC. The action and suspense film toplines Donnie Yen and Andy Lau, two of the biggest stars in China and Hong Kong, respectively.

You likely know Yen from the IP MAN TRILOGY, the most recent XXX movie and ROGUE ONE; Lau from his successful music career and recurring "gangster" role in film, which he reprises for CHASING THE DRAGON.

Lau plays the infamous real-life drug kingpin Crippled Ho, who came to Hong Kong an illegal immigrant in 1963 and ruthlessly carved an empire from the chaotic underworld of drug dealers and corrupt police that ruled the city under notorious detective Lee Rock (Yen).

CHASING THE DRAGON is co-directed by Jason Kwan — a cinematographer making his directorial debut — and veteran director Jing Wong.

Never Say Die

If you're looking for a lighter storyline, watch NEVER SAY DIE, directed by Song Yang and Zhang Chiyu.

NEVER SAY DIE is a follow-up film to 2015's GOODBYE MR. LOSER, starring the members of one of China's most popular comedy troupes, Mahua. NEVER SAY DIE features most of the cast of GOODBYE MR. LOSER, which was one of the third highest-grossing domestic titles that year, the troupe's highest-grossing movie and the first movie adapted from one of the troupe's theater plays.

In NEVER SAY DIE, a boxer and a journalist accidentally exchange bodies after they are struck by a current, sparking a series of hilarious adventures.

Don't miss YOUTH, CHASING THE DRAGON and NEVER SAY DIE this weekend at AMC — one title for each day! Get your tickets now and browse all of our other amazing Asian Pacific films.