4 Reasons To See Disney’s Live-Action Mulan on the Big Screen

February 27th, 20204 Reasons To See Disney’s Live-Action Mulan on the Big Screen

Last year was a non-stop ride for Disney fans, with the release of multiple reimaginings of our favorite classics. THE LION KING transported audiences to the African savanna with its jaw-dropping photorealistic animation; ALADDIN added extravagant magic to the famous "Arabian Nights"; and DUMBO was a circus of fun for us and our adorable elephant pal.

Disney’s next venture will be Niki Caro’s MULAN. It’s an experience you’re not going to want to miss in theatres. So, let’s get down to business. Here are four reasons why MULAN is a must-see on the big screen.

It’s a Fresh Take on the Story You Already Love

The original MULAN is a Disney staple among fans. It took folklore and made the Chinese hero a mainstream name. The Disney "princess" is undoubtedly the most powerful and resilient of the animated studio’s bunch, as the young woman takes her father’s place to join the army when it's time to serve. Mulan masquerades as a man and trains with the other soldiers, later soaring to the top of her unit in ability. What’s especially exciting about this MULAN remake is that it doesn’t deliver what you’d expect from a Disney remake. It’s not drawing from the same exact plot points. There’s a new villain played by MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA’s Li Gong and new allies she comes across. It’s going to feel like a new experience, with notes of nostalgia.

Get Immersed in the World of Imperial China

Oftentimes, the best experiences at the movies include a journey to another place. So, if you’re looking to be transported to a completely new world, MULAN is the perfect choice. The big-budget Disney production was shot in China and New Zealand, and it will take audiences to a different place and time, when war ravaged between the Imperial Chinese Army and the Huns. Audiences of all ages can sit in awe of the lavish clothing and customs of the era. After seeing MULAN, you may find yourself wanting to pick up a book about the region’s history or diving into other period action films such as CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON.

Between Sword Fights and Martial Arts, the Action Is Epic

Another aspect of MULAN that sets it apart from other Disney remakes of its caliber is the movie is a full-fledged action film, complete with violent sequences of war battles. The film is the studio’s first dip into PG-13 for their live-action saga. Expect some awesome, well-choreographed scenes featuring Mulan (played by Liu Yifei) wielding her sword, shooting off arrows and back flipping on her horse as she fights off the Imperial Army’s enemies. MULAN features fight scenes that actually defy gravity as well. These types of moments can’t simply be viewed — they need to be experienced at AMC.

There’s New Disney Magic To Explore

When going out to see a Disney movie, there’s an expectation for the House of Mouse to sprinkle its pixie dust on the project, and MULAN is no exception. The remake isn’t just an action movie with incredible fight sequences and jaw-dropping locations. It will also introduce some ancient magic that will spark wonder in our imaginations. One of Mulan’s enemies is a witch who can turn into a falcon at the bat of an eye. And how does the army walk on walls? Audiences will be allured into a fantastical world in MULAN that hasn’t been explored before in a Disney film.

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