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4 Reasons to See Frozen II in IMAX

November 14th, 20194 Reasons to See Frozen II in IMAX

If you fell in love with FROZEN in 2013, you likely have been counting down the days for FROZEN II, the musical adventure that will continue the story of Elsa, Anna, Kristoff and Olaf. There's plenty of reason to be excited for the sequel. Recently, the filmmakers shared with us that FROZEN II will be even bigger and more epic than the original, will take us far beyond Arendelle, and will feature all-new songs to sing along to.

Undoubtedly, FROZEN II will be a must-see in theatres, especially in the immersive IMAX at AMC format. Read on to find out why, and then get your tickets in IMAX on the AMC website.

The Bigger, the Better

FROZEN II will take our favorite characters to magical new lands outside the walls of their kingdom. From enchanted forests to deep waters, the settings in FROZEN II are expansive, and IMAX at AMC theatres feature the largest screens so you can experience every scene to the fullest.

Immersive Journey

In a one-on-one interview, Walt Disney Animation Studios head of animation Tony Smeed told us, "You literally feel like you are in this forest [in IMAX], and it is the most mind-blowing experience." The visual technology behind IMAX at AMC is designed to bring audiences into the story, and you will feel like you are on the journey with Elsa and friends as they traverse fall-colored landscapes.

Epic Scale and Detail

Nature is a huge component of the FROZEN II story. To symbolize change — the central theme of the sequel — the filmmakers decided to transform the FROZEN world from a winter wonderland to a fall fantasy. They went on a research trip to Norway, Finland and Iceland to find inspiration and add real-life elements and landmarks to the scenery. "The scope of this movie is much bigger than the first one, so just the level of detail and scale in the film makes me excited about going to see it in IMAX," director of story Marc Smith said.

Powerful and Visceral Sound

To create a fully immersive experience, IMAX at AMC combines crystal-clear, awe-inspiring images with perfectly tuned, dynamic audio. FROZEN II co-director and writer Jennifer Lee shared that the layered sounds add to the movie overall — and of course, to the beautiful songs. FROZEN II features seven all-new original songs that capture the emotion, fun and intrigue of the story in a compelling and forever-contagious way.

Even the stars agree the movie should be experienced in the larger-than-life IMAX at AMC format. Hear from Kristen Bell, Josh Gad and more in our exclusive interview.

Tickets to FROZEN II in IMAX at AMC are available now, so get yours today!

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