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A Family Faces Natural Disaster

September 21st, 2023A Family Faces Natural Disaster

ON FIRE opens September 29th

Over the years, some of the best and most iconic disaster movies have been those that center on families trying everything they can to stick together while also surviving natural calamities like volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and the end of the world. And while the family at the heart of ON FIRE doesn’t experience world-ending events on a global scale, the tight-knit group in the upcoming movie comes face-to-face with a raging fire that could destroy everything they have built for themselves.

Before heading off to your local AMC Theatres location to see Peter Facinelli and Nick Lyon’s harrowing tale of survival, check out our guide to ON FIRE, which includes a breakdown of its cast, its story, and a look at the trailer teasing the exhilarating action and emotional drama that will take to the big screen on September 29th.

Peter Facinelli And Lance Henriksen Star

In addition to serving as one of the co-directors, Peter Facinelli also leads the ON FIRE cast as Dave Laughlin, a down-on-his-luck family man who does everything he can to protect his pregnant wife and teenage son – played by TENET’s Fiona Dourif and SHAZAM: FURY OF THE GODS actor Asher Angel, respectively – when a wildfire threatens their remote homestead in the Northern Californian mountains, per Deadline.

Lance Henriksen, best known for the role of Bishop in James Cameron’s ALIENS, will also appear in ON FIRE as a family member also facing the devastating wildfires. Other members of the cast include Ashlei Foushee and Glenn Morshower.

A Family Battling A Wildfire

Though conventional wisdom would tell you to run when your home and everything you own is surrounded by a massive wildfire, this won’t be the case for Dave Laughlin and his family when ON FIRE arrives in late September. Instead, the father, who was struggling to make ends meet and prepare for the birth of his second child, sets out to protect and preserve his little slice of heaven in rural California.

Equipped with tools, knowledge, and a whole lot of heart, the Campbell family prepares to weather this ferocious firestorm until there are no other options but to escape. Making the most of the admittedly dire situation, the small yet devoted family aim to put up the fight of a lifetime to see the night through. Will they make it out unscathed, or will the Campbells be the owners of an empire of ash and dirt? We’ll have to wait and see…

Inspired By True Stories Of Fire And Survival

ON FIRE is a work of fiction co-written by Ron Peer and Nick Lyon, but the upcoming movie is very much inspired by the true stories of fire and survival that have come up so often in the news over the years. In an interview with People Magazine prior to the film’s release, star and co-director Peter Facinelli commented that ON FIRE explores themes like “faith, hope, and new beginnings,” while also reflecting real-life events that have tested families and communities in similar situations throughout history:

ON FIRE spotlights the growing threats of wildfires and climate change while telling a story of a family working and growing together to overcome insurmountable odds. … It is a film meant to give pause and question as to how we can prevent and curb the tragic outbreaks of these fires that are far too prevalent in the news.

The actor, who has appeared in movies like CAN’T HARDLY WAIT, 13 MINUTES, and the TWILIGHT franchise throughout his career, has also stated that ON FIRE serves as a tribute to the firefighters and first responders who have put everything on the line to protect life and property in similar situations.

Watch The Trailer

Though there are more than a few action-packed moments in the second half of the two-minute preview of Peter Facinelli and Nick Lyon’s tale of survival, it’s the early goings of the video that really really set the tone and lay out everything that is at stake for Dave Laughlin and his family.

A pregnant wife, a new child on the way, a teenage son with a “set of lungs” who excels at long-distance running, and a small mobile home deep in the California forest mean a great deal to the movie’s hero, and all will be on the line when the raging wildfire makes its way to his doorstep. Surely teasing what’s to come, the trailer also features a small montage of the family preparing for the ensuing firestorm by digging barriers, hosing down their home, and getting rid of anything that could add fuel to the harrowing situation.

If you want to experience ON FIRE and watch the story of the Laughlin family as they go up against a dangerous wildfire, make sure to purchase tickets at your nearest AMC Theatres location.

ON FIRE opens September 29th

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