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A Guide to Disney’s Cruella

September 6th, 2019A Guide to Disney’s Cruella

First shown on screen in 1961’s legendary animated classic 101 DALMATIANS, the villainous Cruella de Vil still stands as one of the most infamous Disney baddies to ever have walked the screen. Through an animated series, two live-action films and another animated film, Cruella has been a symbol of fashion at its most wicked.

And now, we’re about to see another version of her: a younger, more introductory version of this horrific woman, who’ll show us how her reign of terror began. In Disney’s CRUELLA, we’ll travel back to the early years of this couture-driven diva’s obsession with dogs' skins. And from what we’ve learned about the film so far, we can’t wait to see every last second.

Come with us now, as we run down the information we have so far on Disney’s CRUELLA!

When Is Cruella Set to Be Released?

Originally, CRUELLA was supposed to be a Christmastime treat for the world, with a release date of December 23, 2020. But at the recent D23 Expo, the drop date was revised to May 28, 2021. Currently, there’s no direct competition for the film; however, JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 4 will be in theatres the week prior. A fun correlation, considering how much of a dog fan Mr. Wick is.

Is There a Cruella Trailer?

At this moment, there is no trailer for CRUELLA. However, the first promo photo can be seen at the top of this guide, showcasing Cruella as well as her hired thugs, Jasper and Horace. And of course, a trio of Dalmatians on leashes complete the look of the hard-edged fashion diva. As soon as there’s a trailer available, we’ll update this guide to include that first look at CRUELLA.

Cruella’s Director, Craig Gillespie

They say work with what and who you know, and director Craig Gillespie has embodied both of those by taking the gig helming CRUELLA. A previous Disney collaborator with an eye for realism and horror, Gillespie delivered films like FRIGHT NIGHT for the studio’s Touchstone label, as well as the directly Disney-branded true-life dramas MILLION DOLLAR ARM and THE FINEST HOURS. CRUELLA couldn’t be in better hands.

How Is Cruella Different From 101 Dalmatians?

Obviously, in the original 101 DALMATIANS, as well as the live-action adaptations, the focus was always on the dogs and their owners. The stories played out in contemporary settings and were very much “present day” adventures. However, with CRUELLA, Disney gets to not only shift focus to its evil antagonist, but it also gets to play with the setting of 1970’s London. So, get ready for a swinging trip into a mind of madness, baby!

Who’s Been Cast as the New Cruella de Vil?

Playing the iconic role of Disney’s first lady of canine terror is none other than award-winning actor and first-time Disney collaborator Emma Stone. Seen in last year’s Oscar® winner THE FAVOURITE (above), Stone is probably best known for her Academy Award®-winning work in Damien Chazelle’s LA LA LAND. Stone can next be seen in the sequel to ZOMBIELAND, entitled ZOMBIELAND: DOUBLE TAP, which is set for release on October 18, 2019.

Who Is Cruella de Vil?

Besides being the main antagonist in the 101 DALMATIANS series, Cruella has also been depicted as both obscenely rich and a fashion designer who’s always on the bleeding edge of the latest trend.

The woman is also madly obsessed with Dalmatian fur, as she wants nothing more than a coat of that specific breed’s pelts to adorn her. A random visit to her old friend, Anita, one of the human protagonists in the 101 DALMATIANS series, begins an intense obsession with catching those puppies.

Before Emma Stone’s portrayal of the live-action Cruella de Vil, Academy Award nominee Glenn Close brought Cruella to life, in 1996’s 101 DALMATIANS and 2000’s 102 DALMATIANS.

Horace and Jasper, Cruella’s Dim Sidekicks

Of course, evil plots like kidnapping dogs in the name of fashion aren’t done alone. Cruella has quite a bit of help from two dim-witted sidekicks, Horace and Jasper, that she keeps around for the real nasty business. It’s just unfortunate for Ms. de Vil’s sake that these two are dumber than the rocks they’re standing on and are probably just as much of a weight on her evil schemes.

In CRUELLA, the role of Horace will be played by Paul Walter Hauser, who previously worked with director Craig Gillespie on the film I, TONYA. Meanwhile, the new Jasper has been cast with Joel Fry in the role, who is best known not only for his role as Himesh Patel’s best friend in YESTERDAY, but also as Hizdahr zo Loraq on HBO’s “Game of Thrones.” Previously, Horace and Jasper were brought to life in the 1996 version of 101 DALMATIANS by Mark Williams and Hugh Laurie, respectively.

That’s all we know about Disney’s CRUELLA at this time, but you can be sure that whenever new details break, we’ll be adding them to this very handy guide. In the meantime, you can mark your calendar for May 28, 2021, as that’s the day CRUELLA will walk the runway for all to see.

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