Ad Astra Has Early Viewers Seeing Stars

September 5th, 2019Ad Astra Has Early Viewers Seeing Stars

We're just a couple of weeks out from seeing director James Gray's space opera AD ASTRA take off into theatres. Starring Brad Pitt, AD ASTRA is the story of a man who goes off into space with the hopes of finding his father (Tommy Lee Jones) who pioneered an earlier mission — and it looks like an intense exploration of space and the human condition.

For a lucky group of attendees at the 76th Venice Film Festival, the party got started a little early, as AD ASTRA was shown to an eager crowd that ate the film up gleefully. In honor of tickets going on sale for AD ASTRA, we'd like to share with you some of the biggest reactions to come from Venice, starting with the following from Little White Lies:

"Sad sci-fi" almost sounds like a new subgenre that's waiting to be tapped, and comparisons to APOCALYPSE NOW do feel apt, as Tommy Lee Jones' character does have a bit of a Colonel Kurtz air about him.

Meanwhile, Alex Billington from First Showing had the following to say:

In a similar vein, International Film Critique shared these sentiments:

It seems that early fan reactions have been overwhelmingly positive, and we expect AD ASTRA to be an interstellar triumph of a movie at the box office when it lifts off into AMC theatres all over on September 20.

If you're primed to shoot off into space, be it in traditional or IMAX-formatted glory, you can now purchase tickets to see AD ASTRA at an AMC near you!

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