Annabelle 2: Poster & Trailer

August 10th, 2017Annabelle 2: Poster & Trailer

Ever wondered where killer dolls come from? While Slappy from Goosebumps was carved out of coffin wood by a sorcerer and Chucky was possessed by a voodoo-loving serial killer, Annabelle appears to have far creepier origins, if the first trailer for sequel Creation is anything to go by.

The prequel to the spin-off which was sort of a prequel to The Conjuring franchise thankfully keeps things simple in the first Annabelle: Creation trailer, where we finally discover how the demonic doll came into being.

Ready to never sleep again? Check out the first official trailer for Annabelle: Creation below:

The contact started small, but then it wanted permission to move into a doll so that it could be with us forever...

The trailer starts by revealing how a dollmaker and his wife create Annabelle after losing their daughter in a fatal car crash. Following some ghostly visits from what appears to be their daughter, the grieving parents agree to let her spirit possess the doll, not realising that the visitor is demonic in nature. Rookie mistake. Don't they know they're in a horror film? Cue some shit scary close-ups of Annabelle terrorising the orphan girls who have come to stay in their remote farmhouse.

Annabelle: Creation [Credit: Warner Bros, Pictures]
Annabelle: Creation [Credit: Warner Bros, Pictures]

As the latest instalment in The Conjuring universe, Annabelle: Creation looks set to continue the commercial success of previous instalments, assuming that Horror fans were't put off by the negative reception that the first Annabelle received. Saying that, the sequel looks rather promising — not only is series creator James Wan returning to produce, but Annabelle: Creation will also benefit from the directorial expertise of David F. Sandberg, who impressed fans last year with his debut Lights Out.

The shorter teaser trailer for Creation already contains more creativity than the entirety of the first Annabelle, so hopes should remain high for the upcoming sequel.

Stephanie Sigman (Spectre), Talitha Bateman (The 5th Wave), Lulu Wilson (Ouija 2, Deliver Us from Evil), and Miranda Otto (Showtime’s Homeland, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy) are just some of the poor, unfortunate souls set to have their lives ruined by Annabelle. Want to join them? Catch Annabelle: Creation when it possesses cinema screens nationwide on August 11.

(Poll Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures)

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