Batman and Harley Quinn Hits Theaters

August 11th, 2017Batman and Harley Quinn Hits Theaters

Fans of Harley Quinn and Batman: The Animated Series are in for a summer treat: the new animated movie, Batman and Harley Quinn, will be released for one night only in the U.S. this August 14th. Using the same animation style as our favorite 90s cartoon, Batman and Harley Quinn is an original story created by legendary Batman Animated Series icon, Bruce Timm. Some of the cast will also sound familiar: Kevin Conroy, of Batman: The Animated Series fame, reprised his role as the Dark Knight along with Loren Lester, the original voice for Robin, as Nightwing. Sadly, Arleen Sorkin, who not only voiced Harley Quinn, but was the inspiration for her creation, did not return. The role of Harley was taken on by The Big Bang Theory's Melissa Rauch.

When Poison Ivy and The Floronic Man discover a way to save the planet from mankind by turning people into plants, it is up to Batman to stop her –– but he and Nightwing can't do it alone. To catch Ivy, the Dynamic Duo must enlist Ivy's best gal pal and frequent partner in crime, Harley Quinn to help them. In an adventure that will no doubt see the hilarious and untrustworthy Harley test Batman's patience, fans are sure to get all the action, adventure and laughs we enjoyed as kids.

Batmanand Harley Quinn promises to be more comedic in nature than Dc's other recent animated films, particularly its controversial version of The Killing Joke. While The Killing Joke received mostly negative reviews from fans and critics alike, it did well financially. This inspired Warner Bros. to release Batman and Harley Quinn in theaters for one night only before releasing it on Blu-ray, DVD, and for digital download.

Check out the trailer below.

Be sure to catch Batman and Harley Quinn on the big screen August 14!

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