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Catch Oppenheimer In IMAX While You Can

August 10th, 2023Catch Oppenheimer In IMAX While You Can

OPPENHEIMER is currently playing in theatres

One of the most highly anticipated movies of 2023, Christopher Nolan’s OPPENHEIMER has also become one of the most watched theatrical releases of the year. A movie that screams, “See this on the biggest screen possible,” the visionary filmmaker’s unique chronicling of the life and legacy of J. Robert Oppenheimer is a massive, loud and triumphant work of art that revolutionizes the biopic as we know it, one that pushes everyone from the actors to the audience to their limits for the unprecedented experience.

Like Nolan’s previous works, this is a movie tailor-made for the IMAX experience; quite literally, considering the old-school director shot the entire film in the format – even those various black-and-white segments. If you have yet to see the movie, or haven’t had the opportunity to watch OPPENHEIMER in IMAX, you may want to fix that before its run in the large format with crystal clear imagery and robust sound ends its theatrical run.

Oppenheimer’s IMAX Run Ends In August

The clock is ticking on OPPENHEIMER, but that doesn’t mean you’re out of time just yet, as the massive biographical epic about the creation of the atomic bomb and its impact on humanity will remain on IMAX at AMC Theatres throughout the month of August. Not only that, but those lucky enough to see the movie in the IMAX 70MM format, which some would consider to be the go-to way to experience Nolan’s latest big-screen spectacle, will be able to watch it in all its glory until the end of the month.

According to Variety, OPPENHEIMER was given an extension due to the popularity of the IMAX 70MM format, which is only available at a few dozen theatres nationwide. This includes four AMC Theatres locations, per IMAX.

Just to be safe, make sure to check your local AMC Theatres location to see how long it will be showing OPPENHEIMER before it concludes its IMAX run.

The Trinity Test

Christopher Nolan has long had a history of rewarding audiences for seeing his movies on the big screen by giving them some of the most iconic cinematic moments of this century and quite possibly of all time. From the epic chase sequence through Gotham City in THE DARK KNIGHT to the folding buildings sequence in INCEPTION and INTERSTELLAR’s black hole scene, Nolan has continually upped the ante when it comes to presenting scope, scale and sheer power on the silver screen. OPPENHEIMER is no different, especially when it comes to a certain scene: the Trinity Test.

The instantly iconic sequence will undoubtedly go down as one of the most unforgettable moments in recent movie history, one that was shockingly pulled off without the use of CGI, though Nolan didn’t actually fire off a nuclear bomb. The planning, the tense countdown sequence, the blinding initial blast, the deafening silence, and concussive blast of the shockwave barreling through the New Mexico landscape is an experience that must be seen and felt on IMAX.

Shot Entirely On IMAX

Typically, portions of a movie are filmed on IMAX so that a director can capture the massive scale of action sequences or other climatic scenes, but that’s not the case with OPPENHEIMER. Instead, the entire three-hour movie was filmed using IMAX cameras, which honestly makes a difference in the presentation of its nonlinear narrative.

In addition to the Trinity sequence, Nolan also takes advantage of the format to add a larger-than-life quality to a number of different scenes. The vast openness of the New Mexico desert is on full display thanks to these massive shots of seemingly limitless landscapes. At the same time, the format is also used masterfully in more intimate sequences, which creates for a rather unique experience in of itself.

Large portions take place in black-and-white, but black-and-white 65MM IMAX film doesn’t exist, or it didn’t until Nolan and his team developed the format to make the filmmaker’s dream come true.

Immersive Sound

The unparalleled picture quality of IMAX is the aspect everyone seems to talk about, especially when it comes to OPPENHEIMER. However, another reason to give the format a try is the immersive sound quality in IMAX theatres. The design and editing of the Trinity Test is one of those experiences that has to be seen, heard and felt to believe. This doesn’t mean the movie is so loud that it will leave your ears ringing once the credits roll, but you will definitely feel each shockwave during the climactic scene.

The incredible, high-fidelity sound of the IMAX format also brings out the most in Ludwig Göransson’s beautiful and oftentimes chaotic score. It’s hard to imagine some of those swirling aerial shots of Los Alamos without the composer’s thundering compositions in the background.

Time is of the essence if you want to see OPPENHEIMER in IMAX, so make sure to check your local AMC Theatres location and purchase your tickets before it’s too late.

OPPENHEIMER is currently playing in theatres

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