Chaos Walking First Look

October 5th, 2017Chaos Walking First Look

Daisy Ridley and Tom Holland, two of Hollywood's biggest new stars for their roles in Star Wars and the Marvel Cinematic Universe respectively, are coming together for Chaos Walking, an adaptation of Patrick Ness's 2008 novel, The Knife Of Never Letting Go. Directed by Doug Liman (Edge of Tomorrow), the film is set in a dystopian future where women are gone as a result of a virus, and the few remaining humans are able to hear one another's thoughts.

Todd Hewitt (Holland), the last boy in a town full of men, is forced to escape alongside his dog — and during their journey, he comes across Viola Eade (Ridley), the first woman whom he has ever seen. Together, they go on an adventure to reach a sanctuary from the people hunting them.

The project has been shaping up quite nicely throughout the past few months with an impressive cast, and production kicked off a little while ago to meet its 2019 release date. The movie is still a long way off, but fortunately for us eager viewers, we have something to hold us over: our first look at the adventure.

Meet Todd Hewitt And Viola Eade

Daisy Ridely recently took to her official Facebook page to post the very first picture of the film. The image features her and Holland looking at the horizon. Going by their outfits, disheveled looks and confused expressions, their characters have definitely seen better days:

[Credit: Lionsgate]
[Credit: Lionsgate]

Holland's look is giving me some serious Nathan Drake vibes. Weirdly, the picture made me even more excited to see him as the young adventurer in the upcoming Uncharted. Reception to the photo on social media has been extremely positive, and it's incredible to see just how different they look from their characters of Spider Man and Rey.

Now, keep in mind that the distressed looks on our protagonists' faces and their dire situation don't mean that their journey will be gloomy and depressing. In fact, it will be the complete opposite. During an interview with, director Doug Liman revealed that the film would be, first and foremost, a fun adventure for audiences to enjoy and be captivated by:

One thing that was important to me about 'Chaos Walking' is you cannot make a movie as nihilistic as 'Children of Men.' I mean I love 'Children of Men,' but I want audiences to have a little more fun. I think that you can have a little more fun without losing substance. And my world outlook is [...] I like more adventure. I am really interested in adventure and Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley might be in a very precarious situation in 'Chaos Walking,' but they are going on one hell of an adventure. It may not be an adventure that either one of them signed up for, but it’s an adventure that I would want to go on.
[Credit: Sony PIctures]
[Credit: Sony PIctures]

That's quite exciting, because it looks like it will depart the usual tropes of the Young Adult movie genre. Given that the book has two more sequels, this information has me thinking this will be one franchise we'll be hooked on from beginning to end.

Aside from Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley, the movie also boasts an impressive cast consisting of Mads Mikkelsen, Demián Bichir and Nick Jonas, so it's definitely a project to look out for. Chaos Walking hits theaters on March 1, 2019.