DARK PHOENIX: Our Big Questions

December 31st, 2018DARK PHOENIX: Our Big Questions

The X-Men have faced powerful enemies over the years. Now they’re about to fight one of their own in DARK PHOENIX, scheduled to open on June 7, 2019.

After decades of being feared and rejected, the X-Men are finally accepted by society. Their new status drops them into heroic missions encouraged by Charles Xavier. Working a mission in space, Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) is hit by a solar flare, awakening latent abilities long suppressed by Xavier (James McAvoy). The overwhelming power quickly takes over the young mutant, turning her into the villainous Dark Phoenix.

We’re impatient for DARK PHOENIX to reveal all its secrets. While we wait, here are the biggest questions we have about the latest X-Men adventure.

How Cosmic Will The Film Be?

[Credit: 20th Century Fox]

The X-Men have often gone to space in the comics, but the same can’t be said about their big screen counterparts. Fox’s superhero saga hasn’t really explored cosmic storylines – until now. DARK PHOENIX finally explores the cosmic side of the X-Men franchise. The movie’s official synopsis reveals that Jean Grey’s Phoenix force is awakened during a rescue mission in space.

We don’t know who is being rescued, or if the attempt works. Making matters worse, the young telepath quickly becomes the target of an alien empire. Despite this grand scale, we’re curious to see how far into the universe DARK PHOENIX will go. Could we see the movie embrace its roots and go all out with its extraterrestrial antagonists, or will the Dark Phoenix storyline receive a more down-to-Earth treatment? The first trailer seems to indicate a largely Earth-based story — but Fox could be keeping secrets.

Who Are The Aliens Pursuing Jean?

[Credit: 20th Century Fox]

Jean Grey has a lot on her plate in DARK PHOENIX. An enigmatic alien played by Jessica Chastain wants to use Jean’s new Phoenix abilities to conquer the universe. The identity of Chastain’s character has remained an enticing mystery, and so has her race.

While she’s been speculated to be part of either the Skrull or Shi’ar empires (both of which played a role in the Dark Phoenix saga), nothing has been confirmed. Speaking to IGN, Simon Kinberg described the villain as a combination of different comic book evil-doers. Given those comments, could her race also be an amalgamation of various alien species from the Marvel universe?

Who Dies?

[Credit: 20th Century Fox]

Charles Xavier and his makeshift mutant family face their biggest challenge yet in DARK PHOENIX. Unfortunately, it looks like they won’t come out of the galactic conflict unscathed. In the first trailer, the Professor and a handful of X-Men seem to be attending a funeral — possibly for one of their own.

Casualties are to be expected in a superhero conflict, especially one involving an invading alien force and an out-of-control telepath. So the question is: Who’s in the grave? The list of candidates is long and therefore difficult to narrow down, but Charles’ distraught expression leads us to believe this demise will have a major impact on the X-Men.

Will We See The Phoenix In Costume?

[Credit: 20th Century Fox]

The classic Dark Phoenix comic book costume — a skin-tight red and gold suit — might not work in live-action without heavy alterations. Costumes in the X-Men franchise have evolved since X-MEN in 2000. The first versions were primarily black leather with small colorful details. The X-Men gradually adopted more colorful suits. In X-MEN: APOCALYPSE (above), the mutants finished the film in fairly comic book-accurate uniforms.

But we could see Jean Grey’s alter-ego suit up in some form of her signature outfit. The heroes sport new costumes dominated by large yellow “X” markings in DARK PHOENIX — but Jean is not seen in uniform, emphasizing her distance from the team. The trailer suggests that CG might be used to create a moving, fiery version of the look created for the original comic book Dark Phoenix Saga by artist John Byrne.

DARK PHOENIX flies into theaters on June 7, 2019.

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