First Look At Josh Brolin's Cable

August 10th, 2017First Look At Josh Brolin's Cable

The X-Men movies already feature by far the most convoluted, almost-impossible-to-make-sense-of timeline of any cinematic universe — so it makes a kind of twisted sense that the latest introduction to Fox's X-verse would be a time-travelling mutant who was born in the present, sent to the future as a baby and returned to the present as a hyper-badass adult warrior and cyber-enhanced killing machine.

We're talking, obviously, about Nathan Summers, better known as Cable. When Deadpool mouths off in his sequel in 2018, he'll be joined by one of the most beloved anti-heroes from the superhero realm, and Josh Brolin is the man charged with bringing Cable and his creepy-but-cool "techno-organic" left eye to life.

Ryan Reynolds shared an exclusive first look at Domino last week, and now the Merc just gave us a fairly mouth-watering glimpse at Cable:


That is one seriously exciting teaser. Director David Leitch and the costume department seemed to have nailed Cable's visual, and despite not being an actual villain, he looks a whole lot scarier than Brolin's Thanos in the MCU. This guy doesn't need six stones to get shit done, either.

Here's another one, because you've been extra good lately:


Welp. Do not mess with this man, or his teddy bear. Deadpool 2 is out June 1, 2018.

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