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DiCaprio Leading Role as Leonardo Da Vinci

August 15th, 2017DiCaprio Leading Role as Leonardo Da Vinci

Continuing his successful run of carefully hand-picking fantastic roles, Hollywood environmentalist and all-round fabulous guy Leonardo DiCaprio has reportedly now agreed to embody the renowned Renaissance artist and inventor, Leonardo Da Vinci.

Producing the upcoming biopic through Appian Way alongside production president Jennifer Davisson, the actor is set to work on Paramount's movie adaptation of Walter Isaacson's book Leonardo Da Vinci, a biography that is scheduled to be published on October 17, 2017.

The author has previously written books about other historical movers and shakers, including Albert Einstein, Henry Kissinger, Steve Jobs, and Benjamin Franklin so it's likely to do well. Isaacson was also responsible for the highly-acclaimed screenplay for Steve Jobs, directed by Danny Boyle:

And quite frankly, this is a role that was always in the pipeline considering Leo's own mother Irmelin has famously claimed that she named her son after the legendary artist. Apparently, so the story goes, when she was pregnant, she visited Florence's Uffizi Gallery in Italy and was looking at the visionary's painting when the baby kicked.

Who Was Leonardo Da Vinci?

Without a doubt, Leo's upcoming role will require yet another touch of acting genius from Oscar-winning actor. As one of the leading intellectuals in the world of science and art in the 15th and 16th centuries — he was responsible for the works "The Last Supper" and the "Mona Lisa" — Da Vinci was one of the most curious minds of the era. Along with pioneering numerous painting techniques and completing countless studies of the anatomy, he was also an avid engineer, known for prophesizing the future of machines with his intricate sketches of bicycles and aeroplanes.

According to Isaacson's book though, the thinker also preoccupied himself with staging theatrical productions, and was considered a misfit, to be gay, a heretic, a vegetarian and an individual with a rather volatile temperament. A character that — after getting his back ripped off in THE REVENANT and also starring in the upcoming, blood-drenched flick THE DEVIL IN THE WHITE CITY — we're sure will be right up Leo DiCaprio's alley.

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