Director Rose Glass Makes Disturbing Debut With Saint Maud

March 11th, 2020Director Rose Glass Makes Disturbing Debut With Saint Maud

After writing and directing five shorts, Rose Glass makes her feature film debut with SAINT MAUD, a chilling and boldly original vision of faith and madness. The horror premiered at Toronto International Film Festival in 2019 and was picked up by A24, the studio that brought us THE WITCH, HEREDITARY and MIDSOMMAR.

SAINT MAUD is right at home in that terrifying lineup, as the titular character slowly becomes unhinged.

Maud (Morfydd Clark) is a lonely, reclusive young nurse who becomes a devout Christian after an unknown trauma. It's the big lingering question we have from the film's trailer: What happened to Maud that led her here?

"Here" is a small seaside English town where she takes care of hospice patient Amanda (Jennifer Ehle), a retired dancer ravaged by cancer. As sick as she may be, Amanda lives loudly and sinfully, in Maud's eyes. But that only pushes the pious caregiver further into her convictions.

Maud believes she's been sent on a divine mission to keep Amanda from eternal damnation, which Amanda playfully indulges in at first. But it isn't long before Maud's behavior becomes obsessive and frightening.

We're given a glimpse of her descent in the trailer above, but how far will she fall? Is she truly god's chosen one, or is she possessed by sinister forces? We will have to follow Maud's unsettling spiral to find out.

SAINT MAUD comes to an AMC near you on April 10.

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