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Everything Everywhere All At Once’s Big Academy Awards Wins

March 13th, 2023Everything Everywhere All At Once’s Big Academy Awards Wins


The 95th Academy Awards® ceremony was yet another brilliant showcase of the best that cinema has to offer, featuring the biggest stars, filmmakers, and movies of the year. And while the ceremony was filled with emotional moments, the conclusion of the awards season stands out in particular thanks to the incredible success of EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE, the genre-bending and multidimensional journey of a Chinese-American immigrant who discovers she’s the key to the survival of the multiverse.

The most heavily favored Best Picture nominee, EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE won a total of seven awards after receiving 11 total nominations, the most of any movie at this year’s event. And now that the dust has settled on that everything bagel, and the movie’s actors and filmmakers have come to terms with their new reality, we just have to break down the A24 film’s monumental success…

Best Picture

One of our most confident 2023 Academy Award predictions, EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE took home the Oscar for Best Picture, beating out a group of top contenders that also included the likes of THE FABELMANS, WOMEN TALKING, TOP GUN: MAVERICK, and several others, capping off a night of success we haven’t seen in years.

As we’ve discussed out in previous posts about one of the biggest cinematic surprises – and now success stories – of the past year, there was a lot working in the favor of EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE, including its thought-provoking and inventive story that was at times the funniest thing we’ve seen, and at the same time, an emotional story about a woman’s relationships with her husband, daughter, father, and IRS auditor. And without giving anything away for those who’ve yet to see the movie, this exploration of the multiverse also featured action set pieces and fight scenes that pushed the boundaries of the actors’ abilities and our own perception of reality.

Best Acting Awards

Prior to closing the show with its Best Picture win, EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE dominated the field, with major victories in all the major categories throughout the night. This included three of the four acting categories, with the only award not going to a member of the cast being received by Brendan Fraser for his performance in THE WHALE. But you could consider it a tangential win due to Fraser once appearing on screen with Ke Huy Quan in 1992’s ENCINO MAN. Speaking of Quan…

The former child actor featured in movies like INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM and THE GOONIES, was the first of the EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE cast to be honored for his outstanding performance with a Best Supporting Actor Oscar, which was followed by an all-time great acceptance speech with a shoutout to those instrumental in his success.

Jamie Lee Curtis, who was more than overdue for an Oscar at this point, was the next to win, taking home the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, winning for an outrageously complex performance that saw her play everything from a detail-oriented tax auditor to powerful henchwoman for a destroyer of the multiverse to a woman with hot-dog fingers.

And then to top it all off, Michelle Yeoh became the first Asian woman to win an Oscar for Best Actress, a feat she was able to pull off thanks to a performance we’ll surely be talking about for years, if not decades, to come. It is hard to imagine going on such a fascinating journey with anyone else besides Yeoh, and her incredibly nuanced and multifaceted portrayal of a woman in crisis.

And Everything Else

In addition to Best Picture and three of the four acting Oscars, EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE also fared well in some of the 95th Academy Awards’ other major categories throughout the 2023 ceremony, including Best Director for Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, a.k.a., The Daniels. One of the most evenly matched and toughest categories presented during the show, the Best Director field included the likes of Steven Spielberg, Martin McDonagh, Todd Field, and Ruben Östlund, all of whom were Oscar nominees deserving of the prize.

But it was the ingenuity and heart of The Daniels’ landmark sci-fi/kung-fu/family drama movie that was celebrated on stage with a highly emotional, and at times hilarious, acceptance speech from the directing duo. This came after the pair, who made their feature debut with the 2016 surrealist comedy SWISS ARMY MAN, won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay for another must-deserved victory.

Rounding out EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE’s success is the Best Editing Oscar received by Paul Rogers, no easy feat considering the movie was up against TOP GUN: MAVERICK, ELVIS, and other films featuring outstanding editing. Rogers’ ability to tie the movie’s various plotlines, and multiversal struggles, into one cohesive narrative was an achievement unlike anything else in cinemas last year.

Following the film’s Oscar success, there will surely be a lot of people who want to check out the Best Picture winner, whether it be for the first time since its initial March 2022 release or for the first time ever. Regardless of the situation, you can watch EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE on the big screen once again at AMC Theatres nationwide for a limited time.


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