Insidious: The Last Key Trailer

September 14th, 2017Insidious: The Last Key Trailer

Producer James Wan may have conjured up stronger box office earnings from that other horror franchise, but Insidious remains a cult favorite among fans, following the demon-battling Elise Rainier into old age. Sure, the hardened parapsychologist may have been unceremoniously killed off in the first Insidious movie, but that hasn't stopped actress Lin Shaye from returning to delve even further into The Further throughout each installment of the Insidious franchise.

Following the Elise-centric prequel Chapter 3, the first trailer for Insidious 4 reveals that Rainier will use her gifts once again to battle some genuinely unnerving terror, reminding us once again how important it is to keep those brown pants close to hand. Don't believe us? Watch the first trailer for Insidious: The Last Key below:

I've faced many evils in my life... This one was different though.

The signature scares that have come to define the series are all present in this first trailer, including a stronger focus on the many denizens of The Further who fight to break free and invade the world of the living. New shots of the Lipstick Demon from the first Insidious movie may not be visible in this trailer. However, the spirit who uses key shaped fingers to lock the voices of their victims is exactly the kind of nightmare fodder that this prequel needs in his absence.

Insidious 4 will continue where the last film left off, revealing which demonic entity has decided to personally attack Elise Rainier and her family back home in New Mexico. Alongside Lin Shaye, Leigh Whannell and Angus Sampson will also reprise their roles as the bumbling investigators who start their own ghost-hunting business, Spectral Sightings. This 'family' of sorts will be joined by Tessa Ferrer, leaving the relative safety of the hospital in Grey's Anatomy to play Aubrey, a new character who is probably related to Rainier in some fashion.

After directing The Taking of Deborah Logan and writing Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension, filmmaker Adam Robitel will tackle a new period in Rainier's life that we haven't seen before, During an interview with We Got This Covered, scriptwriter Leigh Whannell explained that;

I’d like to explore the time between [Insidious: Chapter 3] and the first film. That whole area there where Elise has rediscovered her gift, I think you could have a lot of adventures before she arrives. So I think there is a lot of room there. We’ve kind of established Lin [Shaye] in this particular film as kind of this superhero, so that would be kind of interesting to explore in the other films.

Annabelle Creation proved that Horror prequels based on the work of James Wan can arguably turn out to be even scarier than the original movies they're derived from. Hopes are high that this sequel to the first prequel could turn out to be the most insidious movie in the franchise yet. Whatever happens though, there's no one we'd rather have by our side through all this than 73 year old star Lin Shaye when Insidious The Last Key hits cinemas in January.

(Source: We Got This Covered)