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Friend or Foe? Cillian Murphy's a Mystery in A Quiet Place Part II

May 24th, 2021Friend or Foe? Cillian Murphy's a Mystery in A Quiet Place Part II

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Cillian Murphy’s icy blue eyes tend to get us thinking that trouble awaits. And the actor can play the bad guy to a degree that sends chills down our spines. But just because we remember him as the Scarecrow in BATMAN BEGINS doesn't mean he’ll appear as a villain in John Krasinski’s A QUIET PLACE PART II. His mysterious character could very well be a distraction from the silent threat that treads around the horror sequel.

Fans of the original game-changing thriller know why Krasinski’s Lee Abbott cannot return in present day. The writer, director and executive producer certainly wrote himself out of the modern equation with the epic conclusion of his 2018 breakout hit. Emily Blunt’s Evelyn is now a single mother with three kids to fight for all on her own. As they try to survive, she'll meet Cillian Murphy’s new character, Emmett, but who is he?

When the family meets Emmett, he warns them not to trust the people who are left — they are "not the kind of people worth saving." It’ll be up to moviegoers to decide whether Cillian Murphy’s character is a friend or foe.

In Danny Boyle’s post-apocalyptic horror film 28 DAYS LATER, Cillian Murphy was the lone survivor of a widespread virus. It’s these roots in the genre that have perhaps led the actor here to A QUIET PLACE. Another notable role of his came in the form of 2005’s RED EYE, when the actor terrorized fellow passenger Rachel McAdams on a late-night flight. And we cannot forget the emotional performance he gave in one of his many Christopher Nolan collaborations INCEPTION as the man being toyed with as he’s caught in a dream within a dream.

The trouble is Cillian Murphy’s expertise is mystery. It positions him in the perfect place in the coming horror movie. There are whispers that perhaps some of humanity is the villain in this sequel. As these monsters lurk around, the real casualty could be people themselves, destroying each other and hitting self-destruct. The Abbotts could very well have found an ally in him, too.

Cillian Murphy started as a fan of A QUIET PLACE — he even had an email written up to John Krasinski all about it, but he never hit send. Turns out, the silent treatment worked just fine, because Cillian Murphy said he received a call about a year later with a role for him in mind.

PART II also stars John Krasinski (in flashbacks), Millicent Simmonds, Noah Jupe and Djimon Hounsou. The continuation takes place in an apocalyptic future where the remaining survivors must hide in silence from carnivorous creatures who are hungry for their slips of sound. Evelyn has survived a pregnancy without being hunted, and daughter Regan (played by Simmonds) has found the creatures’ weaknesses, but it’s not the means to the end. There’s more tension left for the Abbotts to encounter.

Get Tickets A QUIET PLACE PART II opens May 28th

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