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From TV to Jexi: Adam Devine’s Funny Climb to Stardom

September 25th, 2019From TV to Jexi: Adam Devine’s Funny Climb to Stardom

Coming to theatres in October, the movie JEXI asks the question, “What if your phone became obsessed with controlling your life?” Writer/directors Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, the men behind the original script for THE HANGOVER as well as the BAD MOMS films, craft a nightmare comedy that explores that very subject, and the results look pretty hysterical.

At the heart of the story is an extremely talented performer, comedic actor Adam Devine. Playing the film’s unfortunate protagonist, Phil, Devine takes on the lead role after a pretty exciting ride through the worlds of TV as well as movies. But before we go any further, you should definitely check out the trailer to JEXI, which you can watch below. (This one’s a green band. But if you’re looking for the R-rated version, the internet will provide.)

Adam Devine’s story starts with his friends Blake Anderson, Anders Holm and Kyle Newacheck, as they all began their careers together as part of a troop known as “Mail Order Comedy.” Through internet videos that appeared on shows like G4’s “Attack of the Show,” the group eventually was discovered by Comedy Central, which gave them all their big break: the TV series “Workaholics.”

Devine and company were sensations as the series caught on with a legion of fans, and "Workaholics" introduced Devine to a frequent co-star who was also on the rise: Rebel Wilson. The two got a huge break in their careers when they starred in PITCH PERFECT and PITCH PERFECT 2 together, which happened around the same time that Adam Devine was getting a lot of voice work on animated shows like “American Dad” and “Uncle Grandpa.”

Movie stardom was not too far away at that point, as Adam would go on to star in films like MIKE AND DAVE NEED WEDDING DATES, GAME OVER, MAN!, and most recently ISN’T IT ROMANTIC. That last film was released earlier this year and marked the most recent pairing between Devine and Rebel Wilson.

But Devine still has a foothold in TV as well, as the HBO show “The Righteous Gemstones” sees him playing the youngest member of the Gemstone family of televangelists, which also includes John Goodman and Danny McBride.

It’s all led to the release of JEXI, which has Adam Devine squaring off with the titular artificial intelligence, voiced by Rose Byrne. You see, when Jexi tries to give Phil a life, she doesn’t count on him actually falling for Cate (Alexandra Shipp), a woman that he runs into randomly and strikes up a relationship with.

Hell hath no fury like a smartphone scorned, and JEXI is about to show Phil that his previous obsession with phones is not only unhealthy, it might just be deadly. The outcome of this dangerous, and funny, game of wills will be in theatres on October 11, so make sure to head to AMC’s website and set a reminder for when tickets go on sale.

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