Green Lantern In Justice League?

October 11th, 2017Green Lantern In Justice League?

Justice League could easily be this year's most anticipated movie. The mega superhero film is set to feature Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, the Flash (and almost certainly Superman, too) unite on the big screen for the first time. But as its release date draws closer and closer, fans are still curious to see if a seventh member of the League will show up in the film.

Although the identity of a possible seventh member is not known to anyone yet — and there's even the possibility that there won't be a seventh member joining the group at all — fans are convinced that it will be none other than Green Lantern. And now, thanks to a Redditor, we may have our first look at how he'll look!

What Green Lantern's Suit May Look Like

The Reddit source, who has since deleted his account, claimed to be employed by one of the VFX companies working for Warner Bros. on Justice League. According to the leaker, about two weeks ago Warner Bros. asked him to come up with something that looked suspiciously like a Green Lantern design. Below is an excerpt of what the leaker wrote on Reddit:

2 weeks ago we got a new project of making different concept arts (2D) for Green Lantern and we submitted around 5 different designs which we thought might work, we got our reports back. As of right now the head of art and costume department have choose 1 design and modified it a lil bit but now we finally got to convert this from 2D art to an actual Costume and put VFX over it. We finished this today. [...] I personally think they started this so fast cause this [Green Lantern] might appear in Flashpoint. Also I didn't get to work on any shot in [Justice League] which had any GL in it so I have no clue about any GL costume or GL in JL.

In his post, the leaker describes the suit as full black with armor plates attached to it, not unlike the Flash costume, except that the Green Lantern costume doesn't comprise of separate costume pieces. The costume will also come with some really cool projection, with streaks of light underneath the suit. Another thing he mentioned is that the Green Lantern logo will be positioned as if it's the source of the the energy of all the light emitting from the suit.

The mask too will be solid and the blend of armor and the glowing lights really give the suit an other worldly vibe. Based on the Reddit leaker's description, it also looks like that the suit will become even more solid when Green Lantern takes to the sky, with the armor becoming more layered to prevent any aerial strikes. He even likened the suit with the one in DC Legends mobile game. All in all, the suit sounds very different from the CGI disaster that was Ryan Reynold's suit.

The Possible Green Lantern Suit

'DC Legends Mobile': DC Entertainment
'DC Legends Mobile': DC Entertainment

Now it's very clear that the leaker isn't sure when we'll get to see the character and his report could mean that either Green Lantern is a last minute edition to Justice League or an early addition to the upcoming Flashpoint movie. The leaker he went to a lot of detail in his description, describing everything from the logo to the armor for the suit, and even drew up a rough sketch for what the character would look like.

The Emerald Knight has been one of the founding fathers of the team, so a Justice League without Green Lantern doesn't really make sense. Although Warner Bros. has claimed that we won't get to see any Lantern in the upcoming Justice League film, for many fans this is just the tip of the iceberg regarding Green Lantern's involvement in the film. Still, we have to stress that this is all just speculation and no-one from Dc has confirmed that any Lantern will appear in the film.

Nonetheless, if Green Lantern is set to appear in either Justice League or Flashpoint, this badass suit would certainly make his entry even more memorable.

Justice League hits theaters November 17.

(Source: Reddit)