Harry Styles Speaks! Dunkirk Promos

July 13th, 2017Harry Styles Speaks! Dunkirk Promos

Harry Styles may be taking the world by storm with his brilliant self-titled debut album, but the singer-songwriter will be taking on a decidedly different role when Dunkirk hits cinemas. The One Direction star will play a part in Christopher Nolan's war drama, and yet we know very little about the part he's playing.

While the more skeptical among us remain convinced that Styles's casting in the Christopher nolan film is nothing more than a marketing ploy (and a pretty genius one at that, considering the singer's rabid fan base), a recent movie poster and the official cast list suggests otherwise, indicating that the "Sign of the Times" singer will play a much bigger role in Dunkirk than we first thought.

Additionally, Styles has appeared only briefly in the trailers, with his character remaining silent in each of them, highlighting that Warner Bros. isn't heavily relying on the singer's popularity and Celebrity status to promote the film.

However, two new TV spots for Dunkirk have surfaced online, with Styles finally breaking his silence. The heartthrob has a line of dialogue in both trailers, with each sending the internet into a bit of a frenzy. The first trailer sees Styles's Alex pleading intensely with Fionn Whitehead's Tommy. Check it out below:

It may only be a fleeting moment, but if we're being honest, Styles should definitely be this angry and passionate more often. We're looking forward to seeing this scene in Dunkirk, that's for sure.

The second TV spot features a less-angry Styles eating a piece of bread with Whitehead, asking him what's wrong with his friend. Check it out below:

The Internet Can't Handle Styles's Acting

If there's one thing you can be sure of, it's that Harry styles's fans will flock to theaters on opening day to see their favorite singer act his heart out in Dunkirk. With that in mind, you can probably imagine their reaction when these trailers first hit the web. Styles's more devoted fans were unable to cope with his lines of dialogue, with many of them taking to Twitter to post their reactions:

I have a feeling that Nolan has deliberately kept the scale of Styles's role under wraps. His high placement on the cast list suggests the crooner will play a sizable part in the film, and now that we've seen him in action, he seems more than capable of doing so. Regardless of the size of his role, we're definitely looking forward to seeing more Styles in the film.

Are you excited to see Harry Styles in action when Dunkirk hits theaters on July 21?

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