Holmes and Watson Reinvigorates Sherlock

December 19th, 2018Holmes and Watson Reinvigorates Sherlock

This Christmas, Will Ferrell reunites with John C. Reilly for a comedic spin on one of literature’s most famous heroes. The STEP BROTHERS co-stars are back together in HOLMES & WATSON, opening on December 25. It’s sure to be a hilarious take on Sherlock Holmes, the fictional London detective who has inspired numerous movies and television shows since he first appeared in print over a century ago.

It’s been seven years since Robert Downey Jr portrayed Holmes on the big screen. His version of the character remains a favorite, it’s about time the classic detective received a bit of a makeover — and the changes in HOLMES & WATSON are hilariously dramatic.

Same Name, New Attitude

Meet the new Sherlock Holmes, played by veteran funnyman Will Ferrell. Although Ferrell’s detective shares a name with the seasoned British detective, his approach is much different – and possibly insane. The same goes for John C. Reilly’s Dr. Watson, Holmes’ longtime partner-in-solving crime. Reilly and Ferrell have excellent comedic chemistry, as evidenced by their work together in movies like STEP BROTHERS and TALLADEGA NIGHTS: THE BALLAD OF RICKY BOBBY.

We’re very familiar with their particular brand of silly humor. But what happens when you combine that comic approach with one of the greatest heroes of all time? A totally original – and hilarious – take on an old favorite. And that’s really the best way to approach a protagonist who has become well-known, even iconic, through books, TV shows, and movies. Including the SHERLOCK HOLMES movies directed by Guy Ritchie and starring Robert Downey Jr., which also put a clever spin on the character. Doing the spinning this time around is writer and director Etan Cohen, who previously directed Ferrell in GET HARD.

Their Mission, Should They Choose to Accept It

Sherlock Holmes is a world-renowned detective with keen observational skills and a knack for solving difficult mysteries. Still, his latest mission might be his biggest and most challenging one yet: Someone has been murdered at Buckingham Palace, and the killer’s identity is unknown. Shortly after the killing, Holmes and Watson receive a threatening letter. It warns that if they do not solve the murder within four days, the killer will set his sights on the Queen of England.

Who is this killer, and why is he targeting Holmes? It’s James Moriarty – a name that will immediately ring a bell for fans of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s brainy hero. Ralph Fiennes, who was brilliant as arch-villain Voldemort in the HARRY POTTER films, plays the detective’s brilliant (and evil) arch-nemesis. His plans are more dastardly than ever. They’ll push Holmes and Watson to the limits of their abilities — which, having seen the trailers, might not be very far.

An Entertaining Ensemble

In addition to Ferrell and Reilly’s delightful shenanigans and the joy of seeing Ralph Fiennes star in a comedy, HOLMES & WATSON features an excellent cast of favorites. Rebecca Hall (THE GIFT) plays Dr. Grace Hart, while comedian Lauren Lapkus (JURASSIC WORLD) appears as Millie, a girl Holmes is totally obsessed with.

Rounding out the ensemble are Hugh Laurie (HOUSE M.D.) as Sherlock’s brother Mycroft, and Kelly Macdonald (BOARDWALK EMPIRE), Noah Jupe (A QUIET PLACE), and beloved British duo Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan (THE TRIP trilogy). With a great cast of characters led by two of our funniest working actors, HOLMES & WATSON is set to make this season a jolly one, giving audiences an absurdly hilarious alternative to the usual Christmas movies.

HOLMES & WATSON opens on December 25.

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