Josh Brolin's 2 Comic Book Roles

October 24th, 2017Josh Brolin's 2 Comic Book Roles

Josh Brolin is currently doing the rounds promoting his latest film, Only the Brave, but naturally, interviewers are just as curious about his films that are still in progress. First up, Brolin is portraying Thanos in the MCU, who will act as the main villain of Avengers: Infinity War and the as-yet-untitled Avengers 4. On top of that, Brolin's also signed up to a four-picture deal with Fox as the time-travelling gunslinger Cable, to be introduced in next year's Deadpool 2!

How Did Brolin Win Two Comic Book Roles?

Chatting with Collider, Brolin happily noted that he's "had a blast playing Thanos." Marvel visionary Kevin Feige has suggested that the Mad Titan is "almost... the main character" in the film, so Brolin will have had a lot of time to explore Thanos's character. It's clearly been a tremendous experience, uniting Brolin with a staggering cast. It's little wonder then that he describes it as "one of the funnest jobs I’ve ever had."

When it comes to playing Cable, Brolin admits that he was initially wary. He wasn't actually familiar with the X-Men comics back when he was first approached for the role. More to the point, the actor was stoked for another film, George and Tammy, which had just fallen through. Brolin really wasn't in the mood to sign up to a four-picture deal in another comic book universe.

Fortunately for the fans, Brolin's wife seems to have found his hesitation a tad irritating. As Brolin recalls, she told him, "Why are you even talking, just read it." Brolin did, and was blown away by the script's clear reverence for the comics and by its rich humor. Brolin realized that he was focusing on the challenge of the four-picture deal, rather than asking whether he wanted to play this character in Deadpool 2. The quality of the film's script was what finally won him over.

It's clearly been a challenge to play two major roles like this. Production of Infinity War kicked off in January, and ran through to July. Initial filming on Deadpool 2 began in June, so Brolin will have literally rushed from one film to the next. Now that movie's wrapped up, he'll likely be heading back to Atlanta for Avengers4. Looking forward, perhaps the most intriguing part of this is that he's signed up for a four-picture deal with Fox. We can presume he's booked for two Deadpool films and two X Force movies, suggesting that Fox is playing the long game with Cable. Brolin's going to be one busy guy!

Fans were delighted when Josh Brolin was cast as Fox's Cable, and every image released so far has suggested that he's playing a truly comic-book-accurate role. It's ironic that he almost passed on this tremendous opportunity, and we have Brolin's wife to thank for giving him the nudge. Excitingly though, Brolin's decision also bodes well for the script of Deadpool2. After all, it was enough to persuade a reluctant actor to take on a four-picture deal.

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