How Popcorn Makes Moviegoing Memories

June 18th, 2019How Popcorn Makes Moviegoing Memories

Popcorn is to movies what peanuts are to baseball: a classic combo that evokes feelings of excitement and nostalgia, with good reason. There’s a science behind the savory snack and how enjoying a tub at the theatre can seed memories. Let’s take a closer look and celebrate AMC Perfectly Popcorn,™ our unique blend of kernels that can’t be found anywhere else.

Amazing Heights

Did you know there are four common types of corn, but popcorn is the only one that actually pops? The water inside each kernel expands with heat, and eventually, the pressure forces the kernel to burst at 132 PSI, which can force a single kernel up to three feet in the air. That’s a visual that stays with you.

Shared Experience

Going to the theatre to see a movie is a shared experience. You’re surrounded by other movie lovers, all there for the same reason: to enjoy the latest release. Popcorn further elevates feelings of connectedness and community — you can share the snack as you share the movie, a moment you can recall later.

Mouthwatering Aroma

“Popcorn is synonymous with the ritual of moviegoing,” explained Tonya Mangels, vice president of product marketing at AMC. “The delicious smell of popcorn is a trigger that transports people to vividly recall magical and nostalgic memories of sharing the snack with friends and loved ones.”

Caring Crew

Crew Member

Customer service can make or break a moviegoing experience. You’re likely to walk away remembering how positive, or poor, the service was. Our friendly crew members take great care to freshly pop and serve about 35 tons of kernels AMC Perfectly Popcorn every day.

In fact, of all the movie theatre companies in the world, AMC sells the most popcorn.

Celebrate Our Special Blend

AMC hand-selects our own mixture of seeds with the movie theatre experience in mind. We consider every detail — from the “butterfly” shape of the kernels, to the light and fluffy texture, to the irresistible, unforgettable flavor.

If you love AMC Perfectly Popcorn as much as we do, enter for your chance to win FREE popcorn for a year and make more moviegoing memories.

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