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IT Chapter Two May Have the Bloodiest Scene Ever

August 21st, 2019IT Chapter Two May Have the Bloodiest Scene Ever

As the summer starts to wind down, we’re approaching another season of blockbusters that are ready to try and take our breath away. Among those films that audiences are most eager to devour is the conclusion to Stephen King’s opus of childhood fear and adult development, IT.

With IT CHAPTER TWO set to debut in less than a month, we got to talk to director Andy Muschietti and his sister/producer, Barbara Muschietti, during their time at San Diego Comic-Con. And during that interview, they revealed that one particular scene just might have the most blood ever present in a cinematic moment.

The specific shot has been shown in the trailers for IT CHAPTER TWO. In it, we see Jessica Chastain’s Bev trying to avoid being drowned in a torrential outpouring of crimson, a tide that eventually coats her in a deathly looking pall. Muschietti described part of what it took to get that scene in the can, and you can watch it for yourself in our interview video below:

IT CHAPTER TWO takes place 27 years after the events of IT and sees a very grown-up Losers’ Club reuniting in Derry to take on a familiar evil. As Pennywise the Dancing Clown has returned to terrorize the sleepy Maine town once again, it’ll take more of an effort from the group of valiant friends to take him down a second time.

Obviously, with a bigger, even more frightening battle on the horizon, IT CHAPTER TWO is going to have to crank up the scare factor in order to wow audiences yet again. It’s a challenge that can be achieved without dialing up the blood, but having the red stuff certainly doesn’t hurt.

This most certainly isn’t going to be the only blood we see in IT CHAPTER TWO, but if IT is any indication of where this particular moment may go, it’s going to take a lot more towels to mop up the ensuing mess. In fact, at this point, it’s probably a good idea to just hire a crew to hose the whole bathroom down, just to be sure.

IT CHAPTER TWO will be waiting for you in theatres on September 6, but you can buy advanced tickets now to fulfill your nightmarish destiny at your local AMC!

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