It Chapter Two: Scary Good Chemistry

July 18th, 2019It Chapter Two: Scary Good Chemistry

Andy Muschietti returns to the fictional town of Derry for IT CHAPTER TWO, the anticipated follow-up to IT. And while we have a few more weeks to wait until the full movie reaches theatres in September, Warner Bros. treated fans to an extended look at the sequel at San Diego Comic-Con, and we were lucky enough to be there.

The full cast from IT CHAPTER TWO joined Muschietti on stage at Comic-Con for a Q&A and footage presentation. And what showed, beyond the terrifying thrills in the movie clips, was the chemistry shared by the adult versions of the Losers’ Club.

Muschietti faced a challenge when casting IT CHAPTER TWO. He had to find grown versions of characters played by Finn Wofhard, Jack Dylan Grazer and Sophia Lillis. After scouring the casting corners of Hollywood, he landed on the likes of A-listers like James McAvoy, Jessica Chastain, Jay Ryan and Bill Hader to be the adult Losers.

And from what we saw, the casting is perfect.

Bill Hader, in particular, is screamingly funny as Richie Tozier, the sarcastic and foul-mouthed radio deejay who hides behind humor when he’s the most terrified. It’s a unique voice that an actor has to nail in order to make Stephen King fans happy, and Hader appears to be pitch perfect.

The adult Loser cast genuinely seems to work very well together — both on stage and on the screen. We were lucky enough to see three extended IT CHAPTER TWO scenes. The first one celebrated the cast’s chemistry, as the childhood friends reunite in Derry to get the lowdown of the impact of Pennywise’s revenge trip. The actors bond over dinner at a Chinese restaurant and have some amazing, good-natured ribbing before Pennywise disrupts their reunion.

Some of the footage that we saw is hinted at in the new trailer. There’s a carnival with a fun house and a house of mirrors, where inside lurks Pennywise (Bill Skarsgård), who isn’t afraid to head-butt a mirror until it shatters, allowing him to claim a victim.

In the final scene shown to us at Comic-Con, Bill Denbrough (James McAvoy) is leading the Losers back to a familiar location from the original movie: the Neibolt house. The doors begin to slam on the Losers once again, dividing them up, and as happened in the first movie, Richie (Bill Hader) confronts a refrigerator that contains a surprise. Only, you are not prepared for how horrifying this scene is going to get.

Warner Bros. seems confident in IT CHAPTER TWO, bringing a lot of footage to San Diego ahead of the movie’s fall release. The battle against Pennywise resumes, and concludes, when IT CHAPTER TWO arrives in AMC theatres on September 6.

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