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February 15th, 2018Jaegers Of PACIFIC RIM: UPRISING

In 2013 a vision of a battle for the fate of the planet leapt out of the mind of Guillermo del Toro, and this year the world of PACIFIC RIM opens up once again. PACIFIC RIM: UPRISING takes place ten years after the first film, and technology has advanced in the world where giant robots protected people from an invasion of massive monsters from beneath the Earth’s crust.

There’s a whole new suite of Jaegers protecting humanity, with weapons the last generation could only dream of. But they’re not the only walking arsenals in the film. Trailers show a few other elements that broaden the scope of Pac Rim’s world. We don’t have the lowdown on all the new players, because the film doesn’t open for another month, and we wouldn’t spoil the details even if we could.

Here’s a data sheet on the primary Jaegers in the new movie, so you’ll know who’s who as the Kaiju attack once again.

Gipsy Avenger

The successor to Gipsy Danger, the primary machine of the original film, is more lean and powerful than the hero Jaeger of the first movie, and it has some new gear to grind down rampaging Kaiju. Notably, this blue bomber carries a “gravity sling,” which allows the dual pilots to turn just about anything into a weapon.

Saber Athena

This is the fastest, sleekest weapon in the Pan Pacific Defense Corps arsenal. Saber Athena looks like a Ferrari that stood up on two legs to kick the crap out of evil. With a slim blade in each hand, this Jaeger is the closest to a ninja any giant robot has ever become.

Bracer Phoenix

This Mark V legacy Jaeger carries three pilots, so that one can drop into the robot’s midsection-mounted gun pod to fire a stream of lead into enemies. It’s a big bruiser, and consequently one of the most powerful members of the Uprising team.

Guardian Bravo

Every team needs a solid mid-field player and that’s where Guardian Bravo fits in. This Mark VI can go toe to toe with just about any danger, thanks in part to its core weapon: an electro-whip that acts as both an offensive tool and a restraint.


Then there’s this tiny new kid on the block. Street urchin Amara Namani (Cailee Spaeny) built this little roller herself. Because it is only a fraction of the size of a typical Jaeger, she can also pilot it on her own. No drift required!

Obsidian Fury

All we know about this sleek weapon, armed (naturally) with a pair of flaming chainsaws, is that it’s a rogue element in the story. Trailers show Gipsy Avenger battling this mysterious newcomer, and since we know the story backdrop features a company pushing to create remote-piloted Jaeger drones, it’s possible this robot represents that effort.

Mystery Mechs

Finally, last but far from least, the latest trailer shows off a host of Jaeger-like robots that also exhibit Kaiju qualities. Exhibit A is the blue energy in some frames, and seen above. Exhibit B is one of these stomping the head of a hero Jaeger into oblivion. And the capper is the shot above, where this new force seems to be attempting to reopen a Breach, allowing Kaiju back into the world.

We’ll discover the truth behind this mystery when Pacific Rim: Uprising is in theaters on March 23.

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