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Jillian Bell Finally Gets the Lead Role She Deserves

August 23rd, 2019Jillian Bell Finally Gets the Lead Role She Deserves

You may recognize Jillian Bell from films like 22 JUMP STREET, OFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTY and ROUGH NIGHT, in which she played supporting roles to her more well-known co-stars. The phrase “always a bridesmaid, never a bride” is fitting for the talented actress, who actually had a small part in the 2011 hit BRIDESMAIDS. But with coming-of-age comedy BRITTANY RUNS A MARATHON, Bell finally gets the lead role she deserves.

Bell shines as lovable hot mess Brittany, whose hard-partying ways, chronic underemployment and toxic relationships are catching up with her. In attempt to run away from her problems, she visits a doctor to score some Adderall, but he writes her a different prescription: Get healthy.

She sets a goal to run a block — just one sweaty block. And then two. Pretty soon, Brittany is finishing her first mile and setting her sights on bigger accomplishments: She wants to run in the New York City Marathon.

As she puts one foot in front of the other toward better health, Brittany begins to shed more than pounds. She also drops her bad decisions and “friends” who have been holding her back.

Over the course of BRITTANY RUNS A MARATHON, we get to see her transformation inside and out — but it doesn’t happen overnight or without struggle. We can all relate to Brittany’s insecurities and doubts as she strives to become her best self and take control of her future. It’s no easy task, and the movie doesn’t shy away from that reality.

BRITTANY RUNS A MARATHON is funny, yet poignant and may even inspire you to tackle a new challenge. See Bell lead the way when the movie opens in select AMC theatres on August 23. (Check showtimes for the coming weeks as the movie expands nationwide.)

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