Steppenwolf's Devastating Power

October 26th, 2017Steppenwolf's Devastating Power

Note: This article contains potential spoilers for Justice League.

As Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice had laid out the blueprint for the unification of DCEU's Justice League, fans were ecstatic to finally see their favorite superheroes kicking some Parademon ass. Despite beginning on a somber tone, the trailer soon picked up its pace with action-packed scenes while tugging at our heart-strings with a rendition of David Bowie's "Heroes". However, this mix of euphoria, nostalgia and fleeting imagery might've caused fans to miss Steppenwolf's most bone-chilling power: transfiguration.

Steppenwolf Can Turn Lifeforms Into Parademons

'Justice League' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'Justice League' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

From the menacing General Zod to the moustachioed Ares, the Dceu has showcased some of the most formidable villains from Dc comics. However, apart from featuring him in a holographic message in Batman V Superman, Warner Bros. have been very secretive about Steppenwolf's powers. Therefore, when a warrior suddenly transformed into a sharp-toothed being, some fans may have been left perplexed.

The scene in question is a flashback that will chronicle the events of the first invasion of Earth, conducted by Steppenwolf and his Parademon army. So, as the DCEU's Earth has been shown to be devoid of Parademons, it's likely that the war will conclude with Steppenwolf sacrificing his Mother Boxes and retreating to Apokolips. However, Steppenwolf will also be looking to make the most out of his fallen enemies by converting them into members of his subservient army – just as we see in the trailer.

What Does This Mean For The Humans Of 'Justice League'?

'Justice League' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'Justice League' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

When Darkseid sent Steppenwolf to take over Earth, the Atlanteans, Amazonians and humans joined forces to stop the inter-planetary invasion. Although there's no denying that the war had its fair share of casualties, it's evident that humans faced the most severe consequence.

While Atlanteans and Amazonians were able to repel Steppenwolf's power to convert them into Parademons due to their supernatural origins, the trailer shows that humans were easy recruits for the Parademon army. So, it's likely that humans will once again be Steppenwolf's first targets during his second invasion, allowing him to effortlessly strengthen his forces.

This aspect will surely add to the Justice League's moral dilemma while killing Parademons, and Steppenwolf's power will also pose as a threat for Batman and the Flash. These two will have the tough task of rescuing those in need while literally saving their skin from Steppenwolf's viral touch.

Before appearing in Justice League, these heroes have defeated their respective arch-nemeses during their solo ventures. Although it's assuring to see that they've united to save Earth, it still remains to be seen if it'll be enough to save mankind from being transformed into members of the Parademon army.

Justice League go against Steppenwolf on 17th November!