Loki Looks Scared In New Thor Spot

October 9th, 2017Loki Looks Scared In New Thor Spot

Marvel has promised a marketing blitz for Thor: Ragnarok throughout October, and that's sure to include a whole host of new TV spots. One aired over the last few days, which Marvel is yet to release online. Thankfully, one fan managed to catch it and share it on Tumblr, and right now the whole world's thrilled by what they discovered in this low-res version.

Check Out The New Teaser

Although the quality isn't great, the scene features some new dialogue that's seriously entertaining. First, of course, we get to see Loki's reaction to the Green Goliath entering the arena. While Thor is excited, pointing the Hulk out to his brother, Loki is visibly blanched. It's a brilliant callback to one of the most popular scenes from 2012's The Avengers, where the Hulk first confronted the Trickster God. When Loki demanded the Green Goliath bow before his might, the Hulk responded by tossing him around with his cape, leaving Loki in a heap on the floor. The Hulk then walked away with a dismissive complaint: "Puny God."

It's actually quite appropriate to have this sign-posted in the latest promo. After all, teasers for Thor: Ragnarok have promised a Hulk like never before, one who's vocal and opinionated. Up until Ragnarok, this scene was the only other time we'd heard the Hulk speak in the MCU.


The second new addition is the Hulk's reaction to being part of a team. He's always been confident of his own strength, particularly in the comics where Hulk often boasts that he's the strongest one there is, and delights in testing the statement. Now though, after two years of proving himself to be the greatest gladiator of Sakaar, the Hulk is used to working solo. Why would you need a team when you have the Hulk on your side? Again, that fits perfectly with clips we've seen so far, where the Hulk dismisses Thor as "smoldering fire" and launches himself at the fire giant Surtur. Director Taika Waititi really does seem to have nailed the Hulk's character.

If you want to go into Thor: Ragnarok (relatively) unspoiled, be warned that this new TV slot will only be the first of many. Ragnarok is due to be released on November 3rd, and over the next month, Marvel is sure to flood every channel there is with adverts for the film. This TV slot doesn't give away anything fresh in terms of plot, but it's unlikely that later ones will be so kind.

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