Meet The Players in ‘Truth Or Dare’

March 13th, 2018Meet The Players in ‘Truth Or Dare’

We’ve all played Truth or Dare; it’s a party staple. It’s also the basis for Blumhouse’s upcoming horror film Truth or Dare, and, well, let’s just say you’ve never played this version of it.

The film focuses on a seemingly harmless game of Truth or Dare. But all is not what it seems, because disobeying the game could have fatal consequences for everyone involved. While you might not recognize this version of the game, you may recognize some of its players. From werewolves to speedsters, Truth or Dare is fronted by some of TV’s most familiar faces. With that in mind, let’s get to know these players a little better.

Lucy Hale


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Lucy Hale plays the lead character, Olivia, who is talked into a game of Truth or Dare by stranger, Carter. Things soon take a dark turn, and she’s stuck in the never-ending game, playing for her life. Hale has been a regular on TV screens for over a decade. She’s best known for her role as Aria Montgomery in Pretty Little Liars. And if there’s anything we learned from that performance, it’s that she’s more than capable of stealing the show. After Truth or Dare, she will lead comedy film Dude. She also currently fronts TV series Life Sentence.

Tyler Posey


[Credit: MTV]

Tyler Posey plays Lucas. While Lucas may have problems dealing with the supernatural, Posey is no stranger to it. The young actor is undoubtedly best known for portraying Scott McCall on MTV’s Teen Wolf. Posey headlined all six seasons of the show, with the final season airing less than a year ago. He has since appeared on The CW’s Jane The Virgin and has just joined Season 3 of Scream as a series regular. But will Lucas have Scott McCall’s luck and be able to overcome this supernatural threat?

Violett Beane


[Credit: The CW]

Another young star with a bright future, Violett Beane plays Markie Cameron, who is in a relationship with Lucas. Based on the trailer, this will lead to conflict between her and Olivia. Beane is best known for playing Jesse Quick in The CW’s The Flash, a role she reprises in spin-off series Legends Of Tomorrow. But Truth or Dare won’t be the actress’s first brush with horror, as she starred in indie horror flick Flay. Alongside her role on The Flash, Beane is set to play the lead in upcoming TV series God Friended Me.

Nolan Gerard Funk


[Credit: The CW]

While we don’t know the name of Nolan Gerard Funk’s character, we do know that his characters have a history of doing whatever it takes to win. Funk played villainous warbler Hunter Clarington on Glee and hacker Cooper Seldon on Arrow — both of whom were relentless people. It’s highly likely that the actor will have to revisit this trait for his character in Truth or Dare.

Landon Liboiron


[Credit: Netflix]

Landon Liboiron plays Carter. From the trailer, we know that Carter is responsible for getting Olivia and her friends involved in this supernatural situation. Another staple of modern TV, Liboiron has starred in TV shows Terra Nova, Degrassi: The Next Generation and he currently stars in Netflix’s Frontier. But he’s no stranger to horror, headlining horror flick The Howling: Reborn and all 3 seasons of Netflix’s Hemlock Grove.

Sophia Taylor Ali


[Credit: Universal Pictures]

Sophia Taylor Ali will play Penelope. As the trailer highlights, Penelope will struggle to overcome the horrors of the game, and its eerie reflection will take advantage of that. As the creepy grin stares back at her, will she succumb to its demands? Having been in horror movies before (such as The Walking Deceased), Sophia Taylor Ali will have no problem dealing with the supernatural. She also currently appears in Grey’s Anatomy.

Hayden Szeto


[Credit: STX]

Hayden Szeto is Brad. As the trailer didn’t show a lot of footage featuring Brad, we don’t know a lot about him. We do know a fair amount about Szeto, however. Another of Hollywood’s rising stars, he got his big break in The Edge of Seventeen. He also appeared on NBC series The Good Place.

Sam Lerner


[Credit: Universal Pictures]

Sam Lerner plays Ronnie. The trailer suggests that Ronnie has no problem being the life of the party. However, it also suggests that Ronnie’s life is cut short when he disobeys the game. Lerner comes from a family of actors — his father is Ken Lerner and his uncle is Michael Lerner. A natural at comedic performances, he is known for his roles in sitcoms Suburgatory and The Goldbergs.

Aurora Perrineau


[Credit: Freeform]

Aurora Perrineau plays Giselle, another character we don’t know too much about yet. We have to wonder: does this lack of information bode well for Giselle, or is it a bad omen? Perrineau has previously appeared in films such as Jem and the Holograms and Passengers. She also guest-starred in Freeform series’ Pretty Little Liars and Chasing Life.

Truth or Dare may star a lot of TV’s most familiar faces, but just which of these players will make it out of this supernatural party game alive?

Truth or Dare hits theaters on April 13, 2018.

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