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New Nicolas Cage Action Comedy The Retirement Plan

August 8th, 2023New Nicolas Cage Action Comedy The Retirement Plan

THE RETIREMENT PLAN opens September 15th

Over the years, audiences have been treated to some truly iconic Nicolas Cage moments in classic ‘90s action thrillers like CON-AIR, Oscar® winners like LEAVING LAS VEGAS, and more recent over-the-top movies like THE UNBEARABLE WEIGHT OF MASSIVE TALENT and RENFIELD. The legendary actor, never one to rest on his laurels, is about to hit the big screen yet again with the upcoming action-comedy, THE RETIREMENT PLAN.

There are a lot of new must-see movies opening in August, and this should certainly be on your list of options this month. With its story about a seemingly normal beach bum with one heck of a history, a cast that includes some heavy-hitters in addition to Mr. Cage, and an up-and-coming director making perhaps his biggest project yet, there’s a lot to be excited about with this one. Stick around and find out what you can expect to see when THE RETIREMENT PLAN comes to AMC Theatres nationwide…

A Beach Bum With A Killer Past

If you are looking for an action-comedy about a father trying to patch up his shattered relationship with his estranged daughter while being hunted by some serious and seriously-armed criminals, then THE RETIREMENT PLAN is going to do the trick.

This upcoming movie centers on a seemingly typical beach bum named Matt (Nicolas Cage), who’s spending his retirement catching some rays and taking in the sights of the Cayman Islands. But when an impromptu reunion with his daughter, Ashley (Ashley Greene) also leads to a rather deadly introduction with some of her “friends,” the facade of peaceful and lazy retiree flies out the window, bullets, shattered glass, beefed-up goons, and all. As it turns out, Matt isn’t just a normal beach bum, but instead a former assassin with an arsenal of deadly weapons and even deadlier techniques.

Nicolas Cage Leads The Cast

Nicolas Cage knows a thing or two about sharing the screen with larger-than-life characters, and the actors who play them. That will once again be the case when it comes to THE RETIREMENT PLAN cast. In addition to working with TWILIGHT mainstay Ashley Greene in the upcoming picture, Cage will also be acting beside names like HELLBOY’s Ron Perlman and THE BAD NEWS BEARS and WATCHMEN star Jackie Earle Haley, who play some of the criminals forcing his character’s daughter and granddaughter (Thalia Campbell) to do their dirty work.

But that is not the end of the film’s cast, as Ernie Hudson, Grace Byers, Joel David Moore, Rick Fox, and Lynn Whitfield are also set to make an appearance in THE RETIREMENT PLAN before this fast and furious action movie wraps up.

Tim Brown Directs

Throughout his career, Nicolas Cage has stood in front of the camera for a long list of directors that ranges from auteurs like the Coen brothers, Spike Jonze, and David Lynch to absolute icons of the action genre with a list of names that includes Michael Bay and John Woo, and many others over the course of the past 40-plus years. And now, thanks to THE RETIREMENT PLAN, he’ll add a new up-and-coming name to his list of collaborators.

The upcoming action-comedy is helmed by Tim Brown, whose previous directing credits include dramas like BUCKLEY’S CHOICE, more family-friendly affairs such as TREASURE HOUNDS, and a pair of horror movies: DEVIL IN THE DARK and THE CRADLE. In addition directing a half-dozen movies over the years, Brown has also served as an executive producer on a dozen or so others, including ICE GUARDIANS, THE SUBLET, THE LIFEGUARD, HUNT TO KILL, and THE STRANGER, the latter two starring wrestler-turned-actor “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

Watch The Trailer

Every now and again, a trailer comes along and gives you the perfect amount of action and exposition without giving away the entire movie before you even go to the theatre, and that seems to be the case for THE RETIREMENT PLAN. The nearly two-minute teaser is full of some gnarly action, great character introductions, and a sampling of the humor, while still leaving you wanting more. Just take a look for yourself by checking out the official trailer below:

A lot of the major players and key situations are on full display in the teaser, with the most notable being those characters played by Nicolas Cage, Ashley Greene, and Ron Perlman, who looks like he’ll be stealing the show once again. To say we’re excited to see what Tim Brown and company have in store with the finished product would be an epic understatement.

If you want to sit back, relax, and – based on the trailer – watch Nicolas Cage accumulate a ridiculous body count in a variety of painful and over-the-top ways before the end of summer, then make sure to head to your local AMC Theatres location to see THE RETIREMENT PLAN.

THE RETIREMENT PLAN opens September 15th

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