NO TIME TO DIE is Brilliant in IMAX

October 7th, 2021NO TIME TO DIE is Brilliant in IMAX

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With a rich history spanning 60 years and 25 movies, NO TIME TO DIE is the first BOND movie to have been filmed with IMAX® cameras. Director Cary Fukunaga uses IMAX’s technology to connect with 007 fans and take you beyond the edge of your seat and into the most dangerous world you've ever imagined.

The conclusion to the five-movie saga, featuring Daniel Craig as 007 explodes on the IMAX screen with high-stakes action and enormous scale that spans the globe. The big screen extravaganza is only matched by Bond's charisma with Craig's humanized and grounded approach to the character. If you aren’t seeing NO TIME TO DIE in IMAX, then you aren’t seeing the whole picture. We have three reasons why you need to see it in the immersive experience of IMAX at AMC.

Herculean Story

Fukunaga delivers an epic conclusion weaving a complex storyline that begins right after SPECTRE and pulls you into the action with 007 as he comes out of retirement to end his feud with Ernst Blofeld, only to discover there is another villain seeking revenge after stealing a bioweapon called Project Heracles. Featuring 40 minutes of sequences filmed in IMAX, NO TIME TO DIE transports you into a dance of perfectly timed fight scenes, exciting car chases and elegant escapes that span the globe and fill the screen allowing you to experience more of the images with unprecedented clarity.

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Eye-Popping Action

With Bond, bigger is always better and NO TIME TO DIE has big action and big stunts that are elevated when you experience it in IMAX. With sequences films using IMAX cameras, you will see up to 26% more of the action in unprecedented crispness, and combined with IMAX precision audio NO TIME TO DIE makes the action even more realistic. In this high-stakes game of revenge, 007 cannot allude all of the threats and explosions thrown at him, in particular in one scene, he is engulfed by explosions that can only be appreciated with the precise, surround audio of IMAX.

Righteous Farewell

NO TIME TO DIE is an epic closing for the series of films starring Daniel Craig, deserving of the accolades as one of the best James Bond films in the history of the franchise. Director Cary Fukunaga describes the experience of filming with IMAX cameras, "Bond films are beautiful films usually, and this (IMAX) just ups it. It's already larger than life and then it gets extra larger than life." Immerse yourself in the impressive high-stakes mission in NO TIME TO DIE, that is a truly fitting and heartfelt swan song for Daniel Craig as 007.

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