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Olivia Wilde To Amp Up The Fear In Her New Psychological Drama

May 23rd, 2022Olivia Wilde To Amp Up The Fear In Her New Psychological Drama

Remind Me DON’T WORRY DARLING opens September 23

Over the course of the past half-decade, Olivia Wilde has gone from being one of the most recognizable and watched actresses in Hollywood to one of cinema’s most promising up-and-coming directors thanks in part to the 2019 raunchy female-led comedy BOOKSMART. And Wilde’s place in the conversation of great filmmakers will surely only become stronger when her upcoming psychological thriller DON’T WORRY DARLING is released this September in AMC Theatres nationwide.

And with a decent amount of time between now and the film’s long-awaited fall 2022 release, there’s plenty of time to take a step back, look at Olivia Wilde’s career including her previous directorial efforts, some of her biggest roles on the silver screen, and what the future holds for the DON’T WORRY DARLING director, which is honestly really exciting. All that being said, let’s run down how Wilde got to this point and what she has planned in that much talked about new psychological drama she’s been planning the past few years.

Don’t Worry Darling Is Olivia Wilde’s First Thriller

When DON’T WORRY DARLING opens this fall and introduces audiences to a world in which married couple Alice and Jack Chambers — played by Florence Pugh and Harry Styles, respectively – find themselves in a seemingly perfect town with its share of mystery, it will mark the first time Olivia Wilde has directed a psychological thriller of this kind, though she does have success starring in such films.

If the movie, along with Wilde’s involvement, sounds so familiar, it could be because the project was first announced a little more than three years before its scheduled release, which was impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. And during that time, Wilde has been able to craft what sounds like a rich and mysterious story about a utopian community established by a secretive company and its effects on those living in its supposedly idyllic splendor.

And though this will be Wilde’s first foray into the world of psychological thrillers, the actress-turned-director has described DON’T WORRY DARLING as her “love letter” to movies like INCEPTION, THE MATRIX, and THE TRUMAN SHOW that “pushed boundaries of ambition,” according to AV Club.

Olivia Wilde Made Her Directorial Debut With Booksmart

Upon its release, DON’T WORRY DARLING will be Olivia Wilde’s sophomore feature-length directorial effort with the first being the 2019 coming-of-age comedy BOOKSMART starring Beanie Feldstein and Kaitlyn Dever as two high school seniors who break out of their shells on the eve of their graduation. The comedy, which Wilde described as being the movie she’d “been wanting to watch,” was a hit with critics and further helped propel the careers of its two leads, making them two of young Hollywood’s most promising up-and-comers.

In the three years since the release of BOOKSMART, Wilde has earned a spot on our list of some of Hollywood’s most talented up-and-coming directors to watch, which also includes Nia DaCosta, Olivia Newman, Iris K. Shim, and another actress-turned-director Regina King, who made a considerable amount of buzz with her feature film directorial debut ONE NIGHT IN MIAMI… in 2020.

Beyond Don’t Worry Darling

When talking about an actor, director, or even Hollywood screenwriter and their latest project, it doesn’t take long for the topic of “what’s next” to come up in the conversation. And so it only seems right to ask that very same thing about Olivia Wilde and her blossoming career behind the camera. And honestly, Wilde’s upcoming projects are quite buzz-worthy.

First, there is the planned SPIDER-WOMAN movie that Wilde and BOOKSMART screenwriter Katie Silberman have been attached to since August 2020. However, details about the upcoming Marvel project have been scarce in the two years since Wilde’s involvement was first announced, but at the time the movie was deemed high-priority by Sony Pictures.

The other upcoming project in the works for Wilde is PERFECT, a sports biographical drama that will see JOJO RABBIT and LAST NIGHT IN SOHO star Thomasin McKenzie take on the role of Olympic gold medalist Kerri Strug, who became an overnight sensation during the 1996 Summer Olympic Games when she competed through injury to secure the United States Gymnastics team its first-ever gold medal. In a 2021 article announcing McKenzie’s casting, Variety described the movie as being an “intimate and unflinching portrait” of the sports icon.

On top of those directorial efforts down the pike, Wilde is also attached to appear in Damien Chazelle’s upcoming period drama BABYLON, which features a star-studded cast and story about the early days of Hollywood.

Olivia Wilde’s Acting Career

Even before Olivia Wilde turned to directing her own projects, including the 2011 short film FREE HUGS, she proved herself as one of the hardest working names in Hollywood, with several dozen film appearances and a decent amount of television programs, stage productions, music videos, and even video games dating back to 2003.

Over the years, Wilde has earned praise for roles like Quorra in TRON: LEGACY, Suzy Miller in RUSH, Kathy Scruggs in RICHARD JEWELL, and even Gozer the Gozerian in GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE, to name only a few. Her other notable movies include ALPHA DOG, BUTTER, IN TIME, DRINKING BUDDIES, and HER.

During that same stretch of time, Wilde has landed prominent roles on everything from “The O.C.” to “House” where she portrayed Remy “Thirteen” Hadley starting in the popular show’s fourth season. She has also appeared on “Portlandia,” “Vinyl,” “BoJack Horseman,” and “The Black Donnellys,” to name just a few.

And with acting roles in DON’T WORRY DARLING and BABYLON coming up later in 2022, it doesn’t look like Wilde is planning on slowing down her acting career anytime soon.

Don’t forget to check the AMC Theatres website for even more information about DON’T WORRY DARLING before it opens this September, including a look at the enchanting and terrifying first trailer that looks to be made up of equal parts glamor and mystery.

Remind Me DON’T WORRY DARLING opens September 23

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