OG Jimmy Olsen In Justice League

October 30th, 2017OG Jimmy Olsen In Justice League

Despite how important he is in the comics, Daily Planet photographer Jimmy Olsen was somewhat mistreated in the DC Extended Universe's first crossover movie, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Not only was one of Superman's closest friends barely given any screen time, but he was quickly killed off before audiences could even remember his name. For those curious, director Zack Snyder chose to do this because he felt that the DCEU didn't have enough space for Olsen.

While the chances of seeing a new Olsen in the Dceu may be currently moot, it seems that the upcoming Justice League is attempting to right the previous wrong by giving none other than Marc McClure, the original Olsen in the seminal Superman films, a cameo that dedicated Superman fans would appreciate.

The Return of Jimmy Olsen

'Superman' [Credit: Warner Brothers]
'Superman' [Credit: Warner Brothers]

In a promotional video meant to build more hype for the Justice League's robotic fighter Victor Stone a.k.a Cyborg (Ray Fisher), the ex-athlete turned walking weapon saves a cop played by McClure from a flaming vehicle that was barreling towards him. A fan noticed McClure's cameo, and quickly shared their discovery online.

Previously, McClure had a cameo in the popular Superman prequel TV series Smallville, where he played the Kryptonian scientist Dax-Ur, who is also known as the man responsible for creating the deadly Dc super-villain Braniac in the show. Aside from his role as Olsen in the classic Christopher Reeves Superman movies, some may better remember McClure as Marty McFly's (Michael J. Fox) older brother Dave in the Back to the Future movies.

As of this writing, Warner Brothers has yet to confirm or deny McClure's cameo when io9 called the studio just to double check, and IMDB is yet to list Justice League in the actor's filmography. While fans of the original Superman movies are pretty sure that the cop saved by Cyborg was indeed played by McClure, everyone will know for sure when the movie finally hits cinemas next month.