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Our first look at the Incredibles 2

July 13th, 2017Our first look at the Incredibles 2

Back in 2004, before the Marvel Cinematic Universe ever saw the light of day, Disney had Our first look at the INCREDIBLES, a movie about a family of superheroes-in-hiding who realize their potential and band together to stop an enormous threat. Directed by Brad Bird, the film quickly became a worldwide smash, pulling in $633 million on a $92 million budget and receiving great reviews, with most of the praise heaped on its exploration of the superhero psyche.

After a decade of fans clamoring for a sequel, in 2014 Disney finally announced the follow-up adventure for the Parr family, with THE INCREDIBLES 2 officially underway. While it's expected to hit theaters next year, Disney has kept the movie shrouded under a veil of mystery.

But with D23 Expo right around the corner, it looks like THE INCREDIBLES 2 will be one of the projects the House of the Mouse will be showcasing, with the film featured on the convention's official app via artwork that gives us our first taste of what the story could be like. Check it out below.

While concept art isn't always the most reliable source of information, with the sequel less than a year away and Disney showing it to the public as part of the expo, the artwork is probably a good representation of what the film's shaping up to be. And fortunately for us, there are a few notable takeaways to quench our thirst for more information.

Picking Up Right Where Its Predecessor Left Off?

THE INCREDIBLES 2 will be coming 14 years after the first film. Since Disney and Pixar enjoy hitting us right in the feels by showing characters we already fell in love with growing old (I'm looking at you, Toy Story 3) many fans expected the movie to be set in real time. But the characters in the concept art look exactly the same as we last saw them ––– mainly Dash and Violet, who're still children.

Going by that alone, it looks like the sequel will pick up right where its predecessor left off, and that's a great move. We only got to see the Parrs come together as a superhero family the one time, so it would feel strange to have them either much older or separated in their second outing, without having enjoyed seeing them kicking butt as a team a few more times.

Is The Underminer Back?

The closing moments of THE INCREDIBLES saw the Parr family having fun together after a sporting event, when a villain calling himself the Underminer suddenly bursts through the ground, declaring "war on peace and happiness." Right then the end credits started rolling, leaving us in suspense as to what will happen next 

Thankfully, it looks like we'll finally get to know how things went down, because the new concept art hints at the Underminer being part of the movie. Now, keep in mind, that doesn't mean he'll be its main baddie.

Is That A Raccoon?

You'll notice Violet floating around with Jack Jack in a force field in the right of the image. And right above them is what looks like a raccoon sporting a domino mask.

The intrepid animal stands out just as much as all the other characters featured in the image. So what's going on? Did the Parr family get a pet for their children? That may sound weird, but it's possible. As a side note, given that THE INCREDIBLES is owned by Disney, we can't help but compare the little guy to our favorite foul-mouthed fur ball, Rocket Raccoon

These are ultimately small teases compared to all the shenanigans that will be going on in the movie, but it's great to finally have a clearer picture of what to expect from Pixar's next adventure. Hopefully we get much more exciting details when D23 kicks off next week.

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