The Darkest Star War We've Seen

October 13th, 2017The Darkest Star War We've Seen

With only a couple months to go, we're all eager for any more details about Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. The first trailer piqued our interest, reuniting us with Rey as she started her training with Luke Skywalker. But Luke's changed in the years since Return Of The Jedi, and he's become seriously disillusioned with the Jedi Order.

Finally, the wait is over, as the second trailer has been released. Check it out:

Why is Rey such a force of "raw power"? And why does Kylo Ren also share this power? The tone of this trailer, like the first, is distinctly ominous, focusing on Rey's journey and teasing that her path may not be as light as we expected.

Director Rian Johnson has deftly avoided all those concerns that The Last Jedi will be too similar to The Empire Strikes Back, creating something truly original for this sequel to The Force Awakens. We may not know much about the movie, but we know we can't wait to see it.