Han Solo Spin-off Gets a Title

October 18th, 2017Han Solo Spin-off Gets a Title

Rogue One proved that a Star Wars anthology film can be a blockbuster success, and it didn't take long for Lucasfilm to green-light another. The Han Solo spinoff hit a bumpy road earlier this year with a director change when Lucasfilm hired Ron Howard to finish the film. He's since launched a tremendous social media campaign, dropping countless tantalizing hints for fans, and winning us over to this troubled movie.

Now, Howard has once again taken to social media to give us two thrilling updates. Firstly, he's revealed that the film has now wrapped up production. Secondly, and even more excitingly, he's given us a title: Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Ron Howard Twitter postSolo

It's not really a surprise to most Star Wars fans, as that title card leaked on Reddit a few months ago. Still, it's now official. It's the same kind of title structure Lucasfilm used for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. From a marketing viewpoint, the title constantly reminds general audiences that this film is part of the Star Wars universe. At the same time, just as with Rogue One, you can bet that fans will simply refer to this as Solo.

The film's due out on May 25, 2018, shortly after next year's Star Wars Celebration. Although we know it's going to give us the backstory of everybody's favorite scoundrel, the full plot is currently shrouded in mystery. There are strong rumors that we'll get to see Han's homeworld of Corellia, and Howard's tweets have suggested we may even watch the Millennium Falcon on that famous "Kessel Run."

How will Han Solo first meet Chewbacca, his beloved First Mate? What incident will launch him on his smuggling career? Did he cheat in that fateful game of Sabacc as he played against Lando to acquire the Millennium Falcon? And just why is the Falcon famous for making the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs, when a parsec is a measure of distance?

All these questions, and more, are sure to be answered in May next year as Star Wars fans thrill to Solo: A Star Wars Story.